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Whom do you like the most, Robert De Niro or Daniel Day-Lewis?

  1. sandeep15r profile image78
    sandeep15rposted 3 years ago

    Whom do you like the most, Robert De Niro or  Daniel Day-Lewis?

    Both actors can make mediocre movies good. But  I think Day-Lewis is more versatile.  DeNiro certainly has had some challenging roles, but somehow you always know that it's Robert DeNiro...there's always a significant amount of Robert DeNiro in all of his roles. Day-Lewis can become someone else.


  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    I've never met either man.
    However if there was a new movie coming out I'd probably be more likely to buy a ticket for the Robert De Niro movie.
    I see your point about Day-Lewis submerging himself into the character but I also believe it's easier to do when you're not a "movie icon" with an (instantly recognizable face).
    Actors like De Niro, Pacino, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Clint Eastwood, and Tom Hanks are so well known now that it's impossible not to see (them) in their roles.
    This is why some of the most recognizable actors have been known to take on roles that required them to wear heavy makeup, lose a ton of weight as Matthew McConaughey did for his Oscar winning role in "Dallas Buyers Club" similar to what Tom Hanks did in "Philadelphia" or the dramatic weight gain De Niro put on for scenes in "Raging Bull". They have to not look like themselves.
    The reason why I'm more likely to go see a Robert De Niro movie is because he tends to have a more diverse body of work. He's done drama, action, mobster, suspense, romance, and comedies.
    He's played the hero, the villain, devil, and even the mentally ill in "Taxi Driver" and  "Awakenings". Day-Lewis  is always in heavy darker character driven movies. Essentially he plays the same role.

  3. wingedcentaur profile image83
    wingedcentaurposted 3 years ago

    HI, Sandeep Rathore! How's it going?

    You know, I certainly know what you mean about Robert DeNiro. He does sort of play the same character over and over and over again. But we know that he is a great actor from his canon of work. For whatever reason, he does seem to have stretched himself more in the early years of his careers; and yet he rarely went for the complete, unrecognizable submersion that Daniel Day-Lewis regularly achieves.

    For example, I think his performance in "There Will Be Blood," was a masterpiece. I guess at the end of the day, Lewis is the more committed "character" actor; and DeNiro charted another path; I think Humphrey Bogart followed a similar course in his day (Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, his private detective roles were all interchangeable, and so forth).

    Still, personally, I think I enjoy watching DeNiro more that Day-Lewis.

    1. sandeep15r profile image78
      sandeep15rposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Hello! Thanks, You made a very insightful remark. And you made me remember Casablanca. What a beautiful movie it is!  Humphrey Bogart was amazing in the character of Rick. Thanks again:-)