katie and peter

  1. the bee knees profile image48
    the bee kneesposted 8 years ago

    katie and peter
    this ongoing story and team katie and team peter i my slef am team peter but still cant stand that one certain magizine ( cough) OK magazine. they only ever seem to have the front cover of either katie and the kids or peter and the kids. lets face it was intresting for the first hour but now over 8 months after the split OK magazine are still on about it. ( yawn) i dont care about any of there rubbish. front page, WHY! They are like a teenage couple arguing by text but they use OK magizine as the phone hoping the other reads. Katie trying the get all the public to go gaga over her by going onto ' i'm a celebrity get me out of her' failed. in going to the jungle she was nominated 7 days in a row for the trial. bless her heart. but her small little brain could not process why she was nominated to do every trial. BECAUSE NO-ONE IN THE PUBLIC LIKE YOU! for some reason she thought that every trial she did she wore a skimpy bikini to once again to get the public support FAILED if anything it made us hate her more. after 7 days she was gone and out of the jungle. o yer she also dumped new boyfriend the corss dressing cage fighter alex live on tv. doing that realy only made us hate her more. although people say shes a great mum: does a great mum really go to ibiza on a sexy retreat NO. basicly the world wouldn't go a miss if katie jetted of to the moon and well was never talked about again. but with her knockers we would still sadly see her even on the moon. and now presenting peter andre.

    Peter andre there aint really much to say on him his life a dead beat singer the only thing he had going for him was his looks which arnt even all that. failed singer. sings bout his misarble life and how poor poor him. but lets face it who cares. i am suprised that his albums are selling and that people are paying to see him. now he got im self a job on 'This Morning' good on ya. the ausie singing failure has released a perfume not a after shave PERFUME. the women of the world are in trouble if a man is deciding what they smell like. lets face men dont no any thing when it comes to smells if it was upto them they wouldnt spray feces on the body if it had lynxs or aidias labeled. but back to the point who would buy his perfume.

    hope you enjoyed this you probably think its a tinsy winsy bit biased towards peter side THATS BECAUSE IT IS AS I'VE SAID I AM TEAM PETER.

    this was the weekly celeb blog of the bee knees hope you enjoyed love to hear feedback

  2. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 8 years ago

    Bee Knees, do you understand what HubPages is about?  You've just posted in our forums - this is not a blog.

    HubPages is a place to write magazine-style articles.  If you want to write one of those, open your profile and click "start a new Hub". It's not a blogging site, though - each Hub is a separate article, you don't keep adding to it.  And if your goal is to make money, you need to write with long-term readership in mind (i.e. don't write about something that will be old news in a month or two).


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