AVATAR:my watch

  1. ajpritam profile image61
    ajpritamposted 9 years ago

    (Written on 29th December,2009)

    (On previous evening, we four friends had gone watching the movie 'AVATAR' in our nearby theatre-hall,'University Plaza' and here's a little piece of my experience in the trip)

    Once we finally came out of the theatre-hall ,almost after 3 hrs,our first common comment that came out of our dried mouths, was : 'Fantastic ! Awesome experience ! Time and money were really well spent !' I felt that it was undoubtedly worthy of wheeling my car at a snail's pace through the adverse-weather of ceaseless snow-fall to the theatre-hall.It was surely a pain removing the thick snow-coat from the windshields of my car and then steering it through the snow-caused slippery road from College Towers to University Plaza.But all these pains had their gain at last:An extremely engaging and entertaining movie:'AVATAR'

    Yes;truly,we thought, it was a wonderous journey through the last three hours-it was indeed a marvelous trip.Yes,we all agreed,that it was an actual adventure watching the 'Avatar' wearing the real 3D glass.Our mouths dried because they automatically went opened,unconciously, while watching the spectacular special effects appearing on and off the screen and reaching us like REAL through the 3D glass ! For me ,it was my first full-fledged experience watching a motion picture in 3-D perception.So, I literally swallowed each of the scene from 'Avatar',which were full of visual-glee and simply supplied them to my sensory-centre.

    But then, it was not just the visual pyrotechnics in the film or the exploration and exhibition of the hi-tech-world only,that moved me into trance but it was actually the underlying imagination and the concept conceived and depicted by the director and his 'army'-artists and technicians.The total team deserves a tremendous credit for presenting such a marvelling screen full of Arts,Technology and Science-all on a high.

    I'm not going to tell you the story here-that is pointless-and also I'm not going to write a real review here,which I know,I can't do perhaps ; instead I'll simply put my personal perceptions at the end my journey through the movie.Let me tell you that.

    Although it's a Science-fiction fused with a real romance between two blue-skinned male-female 'monkeys' (yes,the bipedal cratures with tails on the planet Pandora were indeed called 'Blue-Monkeys' by one of the 'earthly'-charecters in the movie),it is actually an allegory.Maybe in some distant future, the intelligent creatures of the earth may go in the space,on some remote planets searching for their alternative habitats but this movie, for this time, brings forth two simple yet most-important messages to today's world.First,fight for Anti-War and second,fight for the forest.Fight for them to exist and to sustain.OK,hold on,dont get irritated at this point;I know,I mean I also believe that feature films are primarily for entertaining,messages through them are only bonus.

    Anyway,through the bonding of the two hearts,the fundamental emotion of all,the movie shows that it's important to conquer the hearts rather than destroying them and conquring the dead lands.The 'Avatar' in the movie is merely a messenger from one civilization to another-it is merely a communicator between two seemingly disjunct groups.In the movie,the 'people' on the planet Pandora did NO damage to the people and property of the earth-they were preety peaceful-yet they had to face the ravaging fight from the army of the earth-only because they were protective of their place.Today this is happening across the world;at every level -from individual to international.To me the 'earthly'-army in the movie was the USA itself while the 'Blue-monkeys' from the natural resourceful planet Pandora represent some resourceful but technologically inferior countries on the map.Anyway one can clearly see the underlying message in the movie while watcing it.So, let me shunt my way to closing this write-up.

    Beside bringing exceeding entertainment and a few mindful messages,this movie left me thinking on another thing:the Nature.The lead-'lady' from the blue-skinned bipedal from the planet Pandora is ,as if,pointing out to all of us on the audience seats,that we have to understand the nature around us to live in harmony with it.The nature itself is self-sufficient-it is enriched and complete on its own.Plants and animals have evolved (and are still evolving) in such a way that it is indeed a self-sufficient,autonomous system.Just one has to understand it,its' deep working principles and its' meaning and one has to know how to communicate with it-with all of nature's elements.And there lies the harmony,in understanding and bridging with it.There occurs the concert.The concert of surviving,existing,living and lasting.And then only the nature feels a magic world-a world of endless beauty.A land of fairy tales-a true dreamland.

    Please go and watch the movie 'Avatar' in tha hall ( Laptop screen will surely ruin the major charm) and I believe that there is literally very little chance that you'll abuse the time in the hall.Hope we'll resonate in thoughts.Maybe this movie will not be another 'Titanic'-level hype or hit but will definitely create tall tides across the globe,may not be Tsumani though

  2. The Rope profile image61
    The Ropeposted 9 years ago

    You really might want to make this into a hub, it's a bit long for the forums.  Also check out "habee"'s new hub on the same movie, there may be some comparisons.

  3. jellydonut25 profile image60
    jellydonut25posted 9 years ago

    Just because a movie has a message doesn't mean it's brilliant or the message is a bonus or anything like that...

    I've seen 4th graders write anti-war stories too...and, much like a story written by a grade-schooler (ok, so 4th grader might be an exaggeration, but the 'sophistication' of the writing in the story is definitely amateur) Avatar paints a black and white picture with no grays or shading...it's TRULY disappointing that absolutely NOBODY who is Na'vi or Avatar-Na'vi ever once makes a show of violence...only the humans are evil...

    The messages in this movie had all the subtetly of a steel-toed boot to the face

    Applauding it for its technological mastery is one thing, and I'm all for it. Applauding it for its entertainment value is another thing, and while I'm not ALL FOR IT, I will listen to someone who praises it on that level.
    Praising this movie for its messages and (non-existent) subtexts is annother matter entirely and one I absolutely CANNOT get behind...


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