Why do some people think Kong defeated GODZILLA ????

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    Julian Gonzalez 1posted 10 months ago

    Why do some people think Kong defeated GODZILLA  ????

    I personally think it is quite stupid for anyone to think that Kong won the fight, considering that " GODZILLA " happens to live under water and that happens to be where the end of the fight takes place,  now to my knowledge gorillas don't do well in water,  I have always been a BIG GODZILLA fan and I have always thought that the reason Kong is shown swimming away is in defeat . How on earth are you going to beat something that lives in water, in a fight under water  ?????? Doesn't make any sense to think Kong won that fight !!!! My name is Julian and I just wanted to stat my opinion on this.

  2. Dean Traylor profile image94
    Dean Traylorposted 10 months ago

    Well, there was that movie made by the same company that made the original Godzilla movie. In it Kong beats Godzilla. Whether that was to placate Americans during the time when the movie was made, I don't know.  Sure, by logic Godzilla is the more imposing  one than King Kong, but the movies have always had some hidden political or cultural message, and sometimes that's more powerful than brute strength.