Why do Christians continue to allow themselves to be tricked by predatory leader

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    Kristin Cascianiposted 10 months ago

    Why do Christians continue to allow themselves to be tricked by predatory leaders?

    How does one build community while protecting at the same time?

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    ptosisposted 10 months ago


    It's not just Christians - it's EVERYBODY.   nice audio book to  listen to the whys is this: Maria Konnikova - The Confidence Game- Why We Fall for It, Every Time

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    nipsterposted 9 months ago

    I'm christian and I can tell you exactly what's going on but this answer is gonna take a while. First you must understand the way we as christians are being indoctrinated then I can tell you why this is happening.

    My parents were christian. They kept me away from church as a kid(you'll soon understant why). They required me to read the Bible twice daily. They did not tell me what was in the bible, they told me to read the Bible and tell them what I found in it. If I had a question they would go over the verses with me and we would come to a conclusion based on OUR opinion and what was in the Bible.

    Most christians are sent to a church from age 0-15 or so. A pastor selects verses from this MASSIVE book and gives his interpretation of what it means. No one is allowed to question him. Anyone who does is considered to be "questioning God" The pastor, in effect, becomes the deity figure manipulating, monitoring, and sensoring the Bible as he sees fit.

    My parents didn't tell me what to think. They asked me what I thought. The pastor tells people how to think, how to feel, and how to punish those who oppose him. Those who oppose him are banished and soon forgotten about so when the pastor is caught in a scandal( as all humans make mistakes) it make all christians look bad because we have been taught to obey the pastor rather than look at the bible and every single other person objectively.

    Hope that clears things up for you. Did that give you some perspective on the issue?