how to make most of your music talents

  1. g-benger profile image43
    g-bengerposted 7 years ago

    many people think your music gift should be used only for personal purpose.thus not realising that your gift actaully makes way for you in is such a great career that if you know how to create business around it you will be better off it and have a really nice time in life and business per time.with your talent on ground,you can create a multiple streams of income.i am always surprised seeing some churches looking at musicians as in my part of the world, you see pastors view musicians as exploiters only looking for monetary value or gain which is not so.look if you can not use your talent as a means to achieve your goal then you will die really poor and no one will ever look your side.just here to tell you guys in music that it is time we started making this scenario stopped in our favour otherwise things wont just change