For those who agree with me: where have all the talented musicians gone!?

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  1. hollyschulz profile image61
    hollyschulzposted 9 years ago

    For those who agree with me: where have all the talented musicians gone!?

    It seems as though music is getting worse as time goes on... What explanation(s) is(are) there for this depressing talent-drought in the music industry?

  2. tony0724 profile image59
    tony0724posted 9 years ago

    Music Is a business , and like all businesses they chase the almighty dollar. These days a hit Is expected Immediately . They will not take the time to nurture an artist like they did In the old days . Bob Dylan would have no chance of succeeding these days

         And U2 was not an Immediate hit back In the day. Brief synopsis , music today Is a product , It used to be art. I am sure there are many talented artist we do not hear today . Because they do not conform to the cookie cutter factory mentality of the modern music machine . Kings of Leon I really like though ! And you are right , todays music does not compare . Originality Is gone !

  3. hollyschulz profile image61
    hollyschulzposted 9 years ago

    I love KOL! They are a breath of fresh air, and I couldn't agree with your entire answer more.

    I tend to think drugs had a lot to do with some of the most influential music's birth too :p

  4. stricktlydating profile image87
    stricktlydatingposted 9 years ago

    I'm sure there's many talented musicians still around, they may not have the opportunities to perform publically, at least on a local level thesedays, because many venue's now employ DJ's to entertain the crowd (whereas in the past the DJ just filled in, in between band breaks). I would choose a live music performance over a DJ any day!

  5. dabeaner profile image61
    dabeanerposted 9 years ago

    And where are the singers? The males are indistinguishable.  And the girls sound like someone is trying to shove corn-cobs up their butts. That's what that whimpering that so many do sounds like, not sexy.

    The reason -- as others said.  I would expand that to the increasing "corporatism" of everything.

  6. FedRes profile image59
    FedResposted 9 years ago

    They are still there.  There just aren't enough openings for them in the commercial music industry because, and don't ask me why, our society demands hip hop, the whole hip hop, and nothing but the damn hip hop, so help us God...  At least in the US anyway.
    I think in 2007 there was a number one album released.  I can't remember if it was number one in sales for the whole year, or what, but it was the first time in ten years it wasn't a rap album.  Maybe things are turning around.
    Not all rap is useless mind you, but it's being churned out to the masses at such a rate as to have become useless.

  7. Kailey86 profile image60
    Kailey86posted 9 years ago

    In my opinion, todays musicians do possess some talent; however, they sell out or try to appeal to what is popular.

    If you are trying to compare today's musicians to talent like Pink Floyd, The Beatles or AC/DC, there is no comparison. We are living in an age of consumers. Musicians today show a severe lack of creativity compaired to the greats.

    I feel the same thing is happening to alot of movies these days, all the original ideas are being replaced by what people feel will make the most money.

  8. EdG. profile image61
    EdG.posted 9 years ago

    You are probably just not looking hard enough. I love classic rock  but  there are some great artists out there in this day and age as well. Of course music, like all art, is a matter of personal preference. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.


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