Would a new Slipknot album be overkill?

  1. tom_caton profile image80
    tom_catonposted 7 years ago

    There have been some rumors at a new album by Slipknot sometime in the future, with hints that each member would record a bass track for at least one song each.

    Does that seem like cashing in on Paul Grays death?

    Is that going too far?

    Do you think Slipknot should hang the masks up as a group?

    I personally answer no to all those questions, but I am extremely wary of a new album overall.
    Slipknot was great, Iowa was amazing, Volume 3 took a while for me to come around to, and All Hope Is Gone is... alright. I'm not sure another album would be the best experience, anyway. What do you think?

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      Jake Gene Barnesposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I think... they need to return to their roots a bit.
      I'm not in favor of them tying to "recreate" the self-titled debut or Iowa, but they need a return to their former "brutality."

      They've started sounding more like Stone-Sour as time wears on, and if the next Slipknot album continues this trend...

      ...then I can do without.

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    pd09dposted 7 years ago

    Yeah just because they lost Paul doesn't mean they are cashing in on his death by making a new album. And I personally think they should return to their roots-sounds a lot better. But thats the great thing about music-everyone has different tastes, and you can't argue with anyones personal preference.