Real Housewives of Beverely Hills

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  1. Jamie Brock profile image89
    Jamie Brockposted 11 years ago

    For those of you out there who are hooked on Real Housewives of Beverely Hills, what do you think about the whole Camille/Kyle saga?

    1. Julie2 profile image60
      Julie2posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Jamie Brock, you read my mind, ughhhh. It is crazy. I think that Camille blew things out of proportion when they went out to dinner after she had accepted Kyle's apology upstairs in the suite. It just didn't make sense to bring up.
      I didn't blame Kyle for that night. This one went to Kyle hands down.

      The dinner party at Camille's house was ridiculous. I felt that Kyle kind of threw some jabs at the nut job that was trying to intimidate everyone with her electronic cigarette! LOL. Don't get me wrong, I believe in the supernatural but that lady was a nasty bitc#. I have never met a medium that was like that and I know a few. Kyle should have never kept asking her for some kind of reading. Camille did warn them though. Then Kyle just flipped out. The medium was getting irrate and I could not stop laughing. This one went to Camille hands down. She really didn't start it that night.

      1. Jamie Brock profile image89
        Jamie Brockposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        I completely agree with you about the psychic nut job.  She had ME irritated because I've never seen such a cocky, arrogant woman like that and she was being serious.... wanted to reach through the TV and choke her! LOL!!

        I can't help but wonder if Camille didn't secretly hope that would happen...... because it was funny to me that it was mainly directed toward Kyle.   Makes me kinda wonder...

        Thank you for replying! Glad I'm not the only one hooked on this show. I try not to be but I can't help it!

        1. Julie2 profile image60
          Julie2posted 11 years agoin reply to this

          Jamie I got my husband hooked on the show! LOL. I was watching the marathon last week when he got home from work and asked what that was. He couldn't believe Kelsey Grammar could be married to a woman like Camille. I just laughed. Once I filled him in on it and told him who was who he kept watching. I can not wait for tonight. Camille sends Kyle the text about Kelsey not using her husband for real estate anymore. I bet Kelsey didn't even know about Kyle and Camille's drama.

          1. Jamie Brock profile image89
            Jamie Brockposted 11 years agoin reply to this

            Oh yeah, I'm sure Kelsey probably didn't even know about it.

            I've  felt really sorry for Kyle through all this crap with Camille... I can tell that she really just wants to be friends and connect with Camille but Camille is so insecure she keeps imagining Kyle is attacking her but then I can't help but feel sorry for Camille because she obviously doesn't get it that she is the true instigator of all this drama because of her own inability to be comfortable in her own skin. 

            Camille keeps spouting out comments about Kyle being jealous Yet it appears that Camille is probably the one with the major jealousy issue.  It seems to me Camille just views other woman as competition... instead of sources of true friendship.

            LOL!!!  I guess I'm a licensed psychologist now!    What is your take on it on all this?

            1. Julie2 profile image60
              Julie2posted 11 years agoin reply to this

              Jamie I agree with everything you wrote. That is the same thing me and my husband said about Kelsey not even having a clue as to what was going on. I am sure he is very happy with the decision he made in leaving her. She is sad to me, she does view women as jealous. She always says she can never have real female friends which is true because all you see her with are good looking straight male friends that she is extremely flirty with.

          2. Mrs. J. B. profile image60
            Mrs. J. B.posted 10 years agoin reply to this

            That is one thing I do not understand. The problem is between Kyle and Camille on a personal level.
            Kyle's husband deals with her and Kelsey on a professional level so why cross connect?

  2. jokeapptv profile image60
    jokeapptvposted 11 years ago

    never watched but im sure its not boring............

    1. Jamie Brock profile image89
      Jamie Brockposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      It's a good way to sit back and watch how other people live.

  3. Mrs. J. B. profile image60
    Mrs. J. B.posted 10 years ago

    At first I was on Kyle's team, however as the season moved on, I noticed that Kyle pounds things into the ground. She hangs onto to whatever the problem is forever. She also does not let anyone else get a word in edge wise. Kyle also blames Kim for absolutely everything.
    Now as for Camille, that dinner she hosted with Allison Dubois  and her friend DeeDee that should never have gotten so out of control. Camille should have never said anything about Kyle's friend and Allison should have been told to be quiet after she made some very rude comments.
    Neither are my favorites.
    Please do not ask me what I think of Taylor either..

    1. Julie2 profile image60
      Julie2posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Oh my, don't even start with the medium! LOL. She was a hot mess. I could not believe how rude and childish she was.

      1. Mrs. J. B. profile image60
        Mrs. J. B.posted 10 years agoin reply to this

        You know because she was so rude and full of herself, I checked out a few webs online. She did not recieve alot of praise. As a matter of fact most sites called her a fake.
        Now let me ask you is it me or what? I think Taylor is absolutely pathetic. She knew Russell never wanted to get married from the beginning, she actually chased him, so why is she all pouty about something she already knew? Plus when she got rid of the dog because the child that is 4 whom she talks to like she is 1 has allergies. She was crying over the fact that her daughter would have to have shots till the age of 13. WHAT??? The child is healthy. It is not diabetes, autism or even worse. Yet she is again so pathetic. Your thoughts

        1. Julie2 profile image60
          Julie2posted 10 years agoin reply to this

          I don't even think that Russell is such a catch. Why because he has money? Please. It doesn't make sense to be with someone that looks so uncomfortable around you. As for her daughter and the allergies to the dog, she could have given her daughter claritin every morning if she didn't want her to be so traumatized giving it away.

          My 3 year old is autistic and he has fifth's disease. Fifth's disease is a skin condition where he can swell or develop a rash all over his body and have fever when his body overheats or it gets really hot outside. He was actually predisposed to getting this because his grandfather suffers from the same thing. It skipped my husband... go figure. I had to give him claritin every morning from June to October 'til the weather cooled. It is just what needed to be done.

          Her daughter wasn't going to die. She could have found a way for the kid to keep the dog. I just feel that Taylor is very insecure and sad. She doesn't really see that her husband can give 2 s#its about her.

          1. Mrs. J. B. profile image60
            Mrs. J. B.posted 10 years agoin reply to this

            You know I wonder if Taylor got pregnant before marrying Russell. I do not think he would have gotten married any other way. You know what else made me want to choke Taylor, is when they were in Vegas and Russell told her it was time to leave and she said Russell is the "bus Driver" in this relationship. WHAT????? Russell might be the bus driver but damn it she is the one that OWNS the bus company!!!! Also another thing, if you go back to the very beginning of the show, Taylor states that she always had special Birthday Parties as a child and that her Grandmother gave her , her first diamond when she was 5 sooooo why did the Domestic Violence crap come up near the end of the season? She held a charity event to raise funds yet she threw her 4 year old a $50,000 Birthday Party. HUH??????????

            1. Julie2 profile image60
              Julie2posted 10 years agoin reply to this

              It doesn't make sense, SMH it really doesn't. She was raised around domestic violence and that she is ok now but she still has that battered mentality. That is how she acts and you can see it in the way she speaks.

              She needs to be confident...

              1. Mrs. J. B. profile image60
                Mrs. J. B.posted 10 years agoin reply to this

                You are so right. She just allows Russell to dominate her and control her. I do not get why though if she is raising awarness about Domestic Violence why is she still living it? Does not make any sense to me at all. Usually someone that is campaigning for a cause especially Domestic Violence is really self assured, on their game etc... I think it was just BS....


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