Search you'll never find what you need!

  1. omarabid profile image39
    omarabidposted 9 years ago

    It's always like that, if you are searching for something, it's quite hard to find it. In your every day life, at work, in school, in shops... that's normal. The good also 'if you don't need something, you always find it in your way'. No that don't happen to you?

    Yes and although! ok, I explain it all with math, I learned to explain it all with probability. If you are searching for a specific item, in this life that contain a lot of items, so that will be hard to find it. The probability is so low. Isn't true? We calculate it like that 1/number of items; the more the number is big, the harder your search is.

    /Oh, yeah Omar, I understand why I don't find what I'm searching for, but why I find what I'm not searching for!

    \Sure, mate! I explain it with probability. There's n item in this city, you need only n/500 from those items, so the probability that you meet with an item that you don't need is higher 500 time than an item that you need.

    /So how come 'Google' find the exact item you need from 1 trillion item? Your theory isn't correct!

    \'Oh my goodness....'

    ? Was is it funny ?