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Is Everyone on "The Bachelorette" A Phony?

  1. thaivalentine profile image61
    thaivalentineposted 6 years ago

    I watched "The Bachelorette" last night and my gut instinct leads me to believe that she is a phony.  The first red flag for me came when her sister Chrystie appeared on the show.   Apparently she has her own SEO business and she has also appeared on TLC for extreme couponing - she seemed like a total fame whore. 

    Then there is Ashley, she is just finishing up dental school so what better way to jump start your practice than with a little publicity.  That scumbag Bentley also had a business and apparently appearing on the show washis way of drumming up business.  I also think last year's Bachelor owner of a bar in Texas.   Are they all phonies?

    1. EmpressFelicity profile image75
      EmpressFelicityposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Not being American I've never watched The Bachelorette but when it comes to anyone who signs up to go on a reality show, there is probably a big discrepancy between what it says on the label and the actual contents of the tin lol

      "Extreme couponing" - isn't that kind of an oxymoron? Like "dangerous Sudoku" perhaps.

      1. Uninvited Writer profile image84
        Uninvited Writerposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Those extreme couponers buy thousands of dollars of products and pay maybe $1 smile But it's a full time job.

  2. Cagsil profile image58
    Cagsilposted 6 years ago

    It entertainment TV. To give off the idea of it having realistic nature is what appeals to those who actually watch it. lol

  3. Uninvited Writer profile image84
    Uninvited Writerposted 6 years ago

    Anyone who appears on a show that has a woman choose between men to "get married" to is a phony.

  4. BobbiRant profile image59
    BobbiRantposted 6 years ago

    Lord knows, even in Real life, hard to spot phonies from real people any more. TV, no different.

  5. optimus grimlock profile image61
    optimus grimlockposted 6 years ago

    there all genuine how dare your say anyone on tv is phoney!!!

  6. I am DB Cooper profile image59
    I am DB Cooperposted 6 years ago

    Most of the people on the "no skills" reality shows (those that aren't about cooking or fashion design contests) are really just people trying to break into the entertainment industry. If Survivor were honest about what each contestant's job was it would say "aspiring actor" under their name. The whole "send us a tape and show us why you would be the ultimate survivor" audition process is a sham. People get on that show because they know people.

    I actually knew a couple people who were on The Bachelorette's dirty cousin, A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila. They lied not only about their occupations, but even their hometowns. This was all done to cultivate a certain image of the contestant. If your character is supposed to be a thug, would it work better if you say you're from Beverly Hills or from Compton?

    I would not be surprised to learn the producers of The Bachelorette pay the winning couple a bonus for each month they stay together after the show is over, up to a year or so, just to make the show look more valid than it is.