Guests on the Maury Show: Paternity tests

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    RobertsReports247posted 6 years ago

    All the episodes seem to follow the same premise:

    A female wants to prove that a sexual partner has fathered her child but the alleged father denies the claim.

    The guests appear to be regular people from all walks of life but the stories are all the same. The alleged father usually (1) Denies being the father because the mother is promiscuous or heard rumors of promiscuousness;  (2) Doubts that he could have fathered the child because the child doesn't look like him or have his genes; (3) Denies even having sexual intercourse with the mother especially if he is married or has a partner.

    The mother is usually more than 100% sure that the alleged man is the father of her child or sometimes even has two or more men tested.

    After some back and forth of the mother saying that the alleged man is a dead beat dad and the alleged man calling the mother a gold digger, prostitute and the likes, Maury reads the results that he supposedly doesn't know about prior to opening his envelope and all the guests seem to have the same reactions.

    If he is the father, the mother gets up and is, for some strange reason, happy about the results and yells, "I told you" to the father.

    If he is not the father, the mother hides her face, runs backstage and cries dramatically while the father does cartwheels on stage or run through the audience "high five-ing" the audience members.

    There are rare variations in these stories for example: the alleged father brings his mother to defend him or sometimes a man may even want to prove that he is the father, but like the aforementioned senario, these can be predicted as well.

    Because the story-line is generally the same, I am led to believe that the stories aren't real or they are scripted and that the guests must get some sort of compensation for exposing what I would think most normal people would keep private. Any thoughts?