American X Factor, No Third Season

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    theirishobserver.posted 6 years ago

    Melanie Amaro was a worthy winner of the American X-Factor and she will go on to great things. Josh will also do great things as he is such an original and genuine musician and singer. Amaro from Sunrise, Florida was almost overlooked by Simon Cowell, we will always wonder if this was a stunt.

    Melanie who is only 19 years old will join Simon Cowell’s record label SyCo and launch her career with a 5 million dollar contract. Melanie will also have a profile lift with an appearance in a top commercial. Josh Krajcik will also do well due to his originality and warm personality.

    Simon Cowell was very excited about the fact that Melanie won the American X-Factor, however, LA Reid appears to regret his association with the show as it has failed to deliver the popularity ratings promised by Simon Cowell. Even with a star line up including Justin Bieber, Tevie Wonder and 50 Cent appearing on the Final, the American X-Factor could only attract 12 million viewers, which is half of the audience numbers enjoyed by American Idol, which is also hosted by USA network FOX.

    Amaro gave a resounding performance of Beyonce’s Listen on Wednesdays American X-Factor show, and this clinched the 5 million dollar prize for her. FOX are going to give the American X-Factor a second run next year, however, with such low numbers it is unlikely to get a third season. LA Reid may also cut his association with the programme, having put a great deal on the line to go with a show that manufactures artists, rather than discovers artists according to many critics.

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