Why is it tough for new bands to make it?

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  1. t.keeley profile image83
    t.keeleyposted 9 years ago

    And I'm not talking your run-of-the-mill top 40 cover band or the same-old-shitty sound bands. I'm talking legitimate unique bands, especially one like mine where we blend folk music with modern acoustic rock...it just doesn't exist in America, certainly not in SC. Why then is it so rough to make it happen? Any suggestions, pointers, or the like are appreciated!

    1. ats2009 profile image50
      ats2009posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hey buddy! Well I certainly feel your position. And the fact that your music is somewhat unique, if your good, you should have no problem capturing an audience. Which is what I think you need to do before you go to the record labels. Also, I would recommend maybe even starting your own record label and promote your group through it. Once you have an audience within your region, you could gain distribution. Once you have that get with a booking agency and start touring. I'd also even suggest doing a free concert locally and tie it to a charity.By doing this you can:

      1.) Raise money for a charity of your choice, which would look very nobel for your band to do this. People respect that.

      2.) You'll grab the media's attention- which means free exposure for you band, and the more exposure the more of a buzz you create in the industry.

      3.) It's a free concert! People are always willing to take advantage of something that is free... not to mention that it would be a charity event....  even better.

      4.) Record it and promote it on- line. There are on-line broadcasting systems like mogulus.com that allow you to broadcast whatever you want all around the world. So if you promote it right you could be performing a live concert all around the world.

      So sounds like your already "in" the business so you don't have to worry about that part. I think you need to focus now more on marketing and networking. If you want you can check out my hub page as I will be giving advise and pointers on exactly how you break into the entertainment/music business...again it's just advise, but a lot of great information that I think anyone getting into the music business should know.

      Otherwise, I hope I was able to help you at least a little. Look forward to talking to you soon.
      By the way..is there anyway I can hear your music?

      1. t.keeley profile image83
        t.keeleyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks a bunch. Your advice is great and you make an excellent point on charity shows. We played a Relay for Life a while back, but it was a different lineup so this newer version of the band hasn't seen one to date, but it's something we're working on getting into the schedule. Nursing homes, as cheesy as it sounds, are sort of a charity gig too. We've been aked before to play them, so it's a possibility.

        If you want to hear the stuff, go to our myspace page. All our recordings are just rough live demos, but they give the general idea.


  2. Edwin Clark profile image78
    Edwin Clarkposted 9 years ago

    Hi T. I think you just answered your own question. Its tough for you to get signed to a music company because there is no demand for folk music with modern acoustic rock. That doesn't mean you should give up if you truely love playing your style of music.

    Try making a video of your band and putting it up on youtube and any type of video sharing websites if you haven't tried it yet. Using hubpages to promote yourselves is always a great idea.

    Who knows, maybe your band will take your particular style of music to new heights.

    Until then take care and good luck!

  3. t.keeley profile image83
    t.keeleyposted 9 years ago

    Thanks Edwin. I am promoting my band everywhere imaginable, even on youtube (I have a personal AND promotional channel there as a matter of fact). There have been international acts from Canada, UK, Ireland, and the greater part of Europe in the same genre as us and been very popular and made a living off their music. I am still hoping we can accomplish similar in America, except our nation is obsessed with things like American Idol and we'll never truly appreciate musicians who actually worked to get out there.

    1. maestrowhit profile image59
      maestrowhitposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      If you really want it, sacrifice. Don't let hangups stop you. Realize that YOU create the market, so get out there and create it. Convince people that you have what they like, and it'll catch on. You're not in the wrong genre, wrong market, or wrong anything. With music, it's a lot less about luck than some would like to believe. It's hard work. Just don't defeat yourself.

      Sounds like I'm in the same genre as you. But I'm all by myself. Maybe we can help each other out. I used to support myself in a performing, recording band, so just ask me, and I can lend my encouragement.

      1. t.keeley profile image83
        t.keeleyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I'm really trying to make music a career, but it takes equal devotion from bandmembers and all. I'm not sure my wife would be entirely pelased doing a tour either....lol

  4. Craig P. Gill profile image55
    Craig P. Gillposted 9 years ago

    Having the mindset that you deserve to be where you want to be is a great part of making the grade! A continuous, diligent effort to establish "brand" recognition is also very important. There is alot of hard work involved and a tremendous amount of sacrifice.
    Visit me at www.myspace.com/promotionsentertainment and/or www.pro-motionsmusic.com
    Direct any communication to "Chops"

    Pro-Motions Entertainment Group is a national concert promotion, artist management and venue representation agency with clients such as CBS's Rock Star Super Nova finalist Dilana,Blue Man Group opening act Mike Relm, Tommy Lee and countless others!

  5. t.keeley profile image83
    t.keeleyposted 9 years ago

    Thanks man, I've sent a friend request on myspace. Any pointers will help, feel free to message me either by email or myspace!

  6. FunFacter profile image53
    FunFacterposted 9 years ago

    We must realize that not everyone is not given the chance to really make it in the limelight. Try to find someone who knows someone in the music industry. Being friends with them won't hurt you or your band. Show them what you got without being forceful and I believe patience is the best word for you.. Good luck..

    1. t.keeley profile image83
      t.keeleyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Understand I'm not looking for glitzy limelight here, I'm looking to be a hard working musician that maybe never will tap a million dollars but gets the opportunity to provide for his wife by doing something he is not only gifted at but also loves (there's a lot of things I'm good at that I truly hate to do, sales and marketing are some for instance).

      I'm not looking to hit VH1, MTV, CMT, et al. I am looking to play throughout the world with a decent number of fans who like my art. These jokes-of-a-musician like the Jonas Bros. or Hillary Duff are retarded and hardly even talented. I'm looking to emulated good bands, probably bands you've never heard of like the Oysterband or Great Big Sea, who have not only made a living doing their favourite job, but also managed to garner millions of entranced fans in the process.

      Real music here, not this Grammy shite.

  7. Pete Maida profile image60
    Pete Maidaposted 9 years ago

    For the same reason it's tough for a writer to get a book published by a big house.  There are very few spots and tens of thousands of talented people; I wrote a hub called Lord of the Talents that covers this.  Any music producer or publisher is going to go with the best bet; they are in business to make money.  The best bet is someone with a winning record or someone recommended by someone with a winning record.  Taking a shot on a walk in off the street would be crazy.

    You need to get in with someone or find some way to stand out.  I have novels out in the world that aren't doing anything so I'm the last one who knows what to do.


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