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Insidious Astral Projection

Updated on January 28, 2014

Insidious - Astral Projection Movie Review

So what is all the rave around Insidious Astral Projection - the movie and does it really have anything to do with astral travels?

And how true is all this? Can one be really possessed while out of the body? This and more will be discussed here while reviewing the movie.

First, the name is in fact Insidious, but because it is all about astral projection and out of body experiences, people when discussing the movie have "renamed" it Insidious - Astral projection.

One of my main hobbies is in fact learning about astral projection and out of body experiences, so when the movie came out, I couldn't wait to be available on DVD so I could buy it.


Insidious is a highly entertaining movie, however if you are truly interested in learning more about astral projection techniques and getting out of your body, and you have a slight fear in the back of your mind that things could go wrong...then better not watch this movie :-)

Or better yet, watch it because it's really good, BUT know that the truth about astral projection is quite different than what Insidious shows.

I had several out of body experiences so far (not as many as I wanted to and they're quite difficult to 'cause'), but as far as I know, OBE and AP (out of body experiences and astral projection) are completely safe. There are no evil entities trying to harm you - and even if you see any, they truly can not hurt you all, nor can they possess you while you're out wandering in the ether above.

So if you're curious about the movie, read my review below or if you can't wait then go straight ahead and get it at Amazon. Then come back here and let me know what you thought of it!

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Insidious Credits At A Glance

insidious astral projection movie
insidious astral projection movie

Insidious Official Trailer

Insidious Dalton
Insidious Dalton

Insidious - The Plot

The plot starts with a family of 5 (mom - played by Rose Byrne, dad - played by Patrick Wilson, and 3 small kids) moving to a new home. The house looks lovely (and much bigger than my own!) and each child has its own separate room.

Everything goes smoothly for a while, but as you've already guessed, eventually small things start to happen.

For example there is the attic which is quite spooky and children aren't supposed to go up there, but Dalton, one of the kids, is lured into the attic nevertheless. Due to a fright in there, he accidentally falls down and hits his head. The doctors check him out and he doesn't seem to have any damage, so he's sent home.

And the problems start here...because the next day, Dalton doesn't wake up when he's called for breakfast. He slips into a comma (or so everyone thinks, including the doctors at the hospital).

By now the story has a strong atmosphere that draws you in and doesn't let you go. And of course, all the problems start at this point, however I won't be revealing the gripping plot - you really have to see the movie to know what happens next!

But let me tell you that things DO happen - afterall the movie is made by the same guys who put together Paranormal Activity and SAW! (now THAT was one set of movies to watch!!)

Insidious pg13
Insidious pg13

Insidious - Who Is The Movie For

The movie is labelled "supernatural horror" however everyone from age 13 could watch it (with parental supervision). It is not a very strong horror, so you won't see too much gore, blood and zombies and what not (all those things the very youngsters should NOT see!).

There is a bit of violence involved (nothing that kids haven't already seen in most action movies these days), some strong language, but what I think kids might find frightening are some of the scary scenes and the intense atmosphere of the movie.

Basically it all boils down to the type of person you are. If you like to cover your eyes with your hands when some scary scenes come up, then this movie might leave a long lasting impression on you (and not necessarily a warm fuzzy one). If, on the other hand, you have already watched some scary type movies, this will not be the worst you've seen.

insidious attic
insidious attic

Insidious - The Atmosphere And Characters

Insidious begins out with a normal, happy family who simply want to start a new life. As time goes by, things start to gradually happen...for example I remember this scene quite clearly and it sets the stage early on for what it is to come:

Dalton Lambert: Mom?

Renai Lambert: Hey, sweetie. What are you doing up? Come here.

Dalton Lambert: I don't like my room.

Renai Lambert: No? That's okay. You know, you're still getting used to it. I can't sleep either.

The characters are quite well developed, especially the mom and dad who are going through something that no parents should go through: dealing with a comatose child and trying to come to grips with the fact that the house might be actually haunted.

The movie has a couple of terrifying moments, however if you're expecting a zombie movie that is almost impossible to watch with the lights off, this is not the case. It is not your typical horror movie, but rather an atmosphere movie that creates the tension without show many horror-like creatures.

The dramatic tension is easily built and as we watch the plot, our gut tightens and we really get sucked in and anxious about what's going on just outside of our normal vision. Is there something...wait...was there...did you see...?

To get a feel for the atmosphere in Insidious, watch and listen to the music compilation that I found on Youtube...creepy and awesome...

Insidous Soundtrack

So far there is no official Insidious soundtrack released, however I've hunted down the two main songs that are fully presented in the movie.

One is called Tiptoe through the tulips by Tiny Tim, and the second is Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi.

While the first one gives you a chill down your spine (typical horror style), listen to the second song, Nuvole Biance and tell me that you don't want to set it to loop listen to it over and over's hauntingly beautiful...

Tiptoe Through The Tulips

God Bless Tiny Tim

If you liked the song from Insidious, check out the album from where this song was hand-picked.

Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi

Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi

Click to listen and then download it to your computer. It's a crime not to have this song forever to listen to...I still do it hours to no end.

Una Mattina by Ludovico Einaudi

If you liked Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi, then you will love the album from which this song was taken. Each and every single song is reaching to the core of your heart and your being. It haunts you, it makes you feel a longing that only listening to the entire album again and again can satisfy. It is beautiful, breathtaking and entirely captivating

Insidious movie
Insidious movie

Insidious - Astral Projection

And now we come to my favorite part! Insidious - Astral Projection!

Initially Insidious has been named The Further, because this is the place where all the bad entities live and this is where the final battle will be fought.

I've always been interested in astral projection and out of body experiences (OBE) and of course, I grabbed the movie as soon as it was available on DVD (it didn't come to us to the cinema, so there was no choice, I had to wait it out).

Now let me tell you that the movie seems to be split in two parts.

The first part is your typical (and exciting) lead-up to a horror ghost story, while the second part deals mostly with the astral projection element - the one that I've been waiting for all along.

First, even without the astral projection part, the movie is worth watching for what it is: a wonderful eerie-horror-dramatic-atmospheric film that everyone who loves to be chilled to the bone will enjoy. However for me the OBE part was really what I was waiting for.

Nevertheless...having seen the movie, I need to warn you. The real astral projection is NOT like what it is described in the movie.

Obviously for the Hollywood element, they had to dramatize (and over-dramatize), however astral projection is not scary, nor will your body be possessed by any otherworldly creatures while you're out there wandering about. That's just not the way things are.

And I guess this is where my only gripe with the movie is, but in a way I fully understand it. Afterall, it is a horror movie, not a description of a pleasant and safe walk out of your body.

So please, please don't take this part seriously if you've ever intended to learn how to astral project. Don't let the movie discourage you from it, because you'll miss out on an opportunity to learn something wonderful about yourself, the world around you, and the 'other world'.

Take the movie for what it is - a highly entertaining film that keeps you at the edge of your seat most of the times and gives you almost 2 hours of great fun. 2 hours that you'll not regret having spent on this distraction.

Trivia - I've only once heard the word 'insidious' spoken in the movie, and it was related to insidious entities in The Further.

Learn more about astral projection techniques for beginners.

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Thank you for visiting my Insidious Astral Projection movie review lens. Please leave your comments below.


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