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Ways of Taking a Sexy Picture of Yourself

Updated on February 18, 2017


Sexy pictures of yourself should not be deemed for just Valentine’s Day. Sexiness is a state of mind that can be caught on film anytime and anyplace. A flirty smile and a hand on the hip is just the beginning.


If at all possible, plan your ‘photo shoot’ ahead. Preparation gives you time to put thought into a possible theme and any particular background accessories you may want. Make sure not to add too many background accessories, you want to keep all the focus on yourself. Bloating can be caused be alcohol, soda, and salt so try to avoid these before taking your picture.


Choose poses that will bring attention to your ‘assets’. Got a great pair of legs, a side pose of you laid on your back with legs in the air equipped with stilettos will keep them gazing for days. Momma blessed you with a nice backside, a side pose of you resting on your stomach, and bottom slightly lifted will leave them drooling. There are several general poses you can take to make your body more appealing than it already is. To look shapely, taller, and thinner, pose with your butt and chest sticking out (making an S curve). Another way to make yourself look curvier is to put space between your body and your arms (i.e. arms crossed behind your head or hands on your hips). Posing tall with your head up, shoulders back, and a lusty smile is a classic ‘safer’ (for those that may be a little self-conscious of showing off their bodies) photo to take. A pose like this shows a confident female – and confidence is sexy and will never go out of style.


Clothing is optional when it comes to your photo but needs to be something that works well with your shape. Wear as little amount of clothing that you feel comfortable with or nothing at all. A teeny tiny bikini, boy shorts and a tiny top, an outfit that brings attention to your ‘assets’, or being naked are perfect pairings with a great pose. The slightly parted lips, biting the lower lip, half-closed passionate eyes, bright smile, or blown kiss to the camera are all great facial poses to take on when taking a sexy picture. If you are having problems capturing your smile, laugh right before your picture is taken to catch your natural smile.


And remember to enjoy and love your figure regardless if it’s a size 4 or 14. Being comfortable in your own skin is the sexist thing on earth!


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    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 4 years ago from The High Seas

      Hot. Just hot. Excuse me while i go have a cold shower now.