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The Ultimate Police Fan Survey

Updated on November 17, 2014
The Police onstage, 2008.
The Police onstage, 2008. | Source

Share Your Opinions on Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, Sting and The Police in This Survey!

Are you a fan of The Police, and band members Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers? If so, here's your chance to sound off with your opinions on the band! You can vote for everything from your favorite Police albums and songs to best music videos, best solo projects, and even share your thoughts on if The Police will ever reunite again (or even if they should). There are 50 - yes, 50! - questions to follow, which is why this is called the ultimate Police fan survey.

You don't have to answer every single question, however; just the ones you have a strong opinion about. So stick around for a while, get comfortable, and have some fun sharing your thoughts and opinions on this great classic rock band.

The Police Survey Questions

1. How Much Do You Love The Police? - Are You a Hardcore or Just a Casual Police Fan?

Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers on stage, 2008.
Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers on stage, 2008. | Source

How much of a Police fan do you consider yourself?

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2. Favorite Studio Album by The Police - Picking the Best Release by the Band

The Police only recorded and released 5 studio albums, yet each one is packed with memorable songs and hit singles. What is Your Favorite Studio Album by The Police?

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3. Least Favorite Police Studio Album - Which Police Record Are You The Least Likely To Listen To Today?

Even the biggest fan is likely to have an album he considers the weakest in a band's discography. When it comes to The Police's studio albums, is there one you think isn't quite up to the quality leve

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4. Best Police Album Cover - From Outlandos to Synchronicities...

Looking at the Police's albums covers - including live albums and hits collections - which one do you think was the most compelling and attractive? Which is the Best Police Album Cover?

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5. Favorite Song Released as a Single by The Police? - Picking The Police's Best Hit Song

Andy and Stewart on stage, 2008.
Andy and Stewart on stage, 2008. | Source

From their first breakout hit "Roxanne" to the now ubiquitous "Every Breath You Take", which of The Police's single releases is your personal favorite?

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7. Best Police Instrumental Track - Best Police Song With No Lyrics

Though Sting's lyrics were often memorable, The Police recorded a number of songs without any lyrics (though some may still feature "Yo!"s and "CHA!"s). Choose your favorite Police instrumental track

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A Beginner's Guide To The Police: Their Music and History
The Police were one of the hottest bands of the late 70s and early 80s, rocking the charts with such now-classic songs as "Roxanne", "Message ...

8. Most Over-Played Police Song - Is There A Police Song You'd Happily Never Hear Again?

Maybe it's been played one too many times on the radio. Or you got sick and tired of always hearing it performed in concert. No matter how much you love a band or artist, there's always at least one s

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9. Best Music Video by The Police - Picking the Best Short-Form Video by The Band

In the era of MTV, The Police were a favorite for their striking look and clever music videos. Did you prefer some of their earlier, fun videos such as "Walking on the Moon" and "Don't Stand So Close

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10. Favorite Home Video/DVD Release by The Police - VHS and DVD Titles by The Police

If you were a Police fan during the 1980s, you surely had a copy of "Around The World" and the "Synchronicity Concert" that you wore out on VHS tape. And you've probably got their more recent releases

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11. Favorite Band Member in The Police - Sting, Stewart or Andy...or maybe even Henry!

Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland at Red Rocks, July 2008
Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland at Red Rocks, July 2008 | Source

Almost everyone's got a favorite. When it comes to The Police, who is yours? Or can you seriously just not pick one at all? Who Is Your Favorite Band Member in The Police?

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12. Best Police Song Written by Andy Summers - Best Track by The Police Guitarist

Pick your favorite Andy Summers song here (only songs were Andy is given sole songwriting credit are listed below.) Which is the best Police song written (exclusively) by Andy Summers?

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13. Best Police Song Written by Stewart Copeland - Best Track by The Police's Drummer

Pick your favorite Stewart Copeland song here (only songs were Stewart is given sole songwriting credit are listed below.) What is the best Police song written by Stewart Copeland?

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14. Best Sting Bassline in a Police Song - Which Song is Most Noteworthy For Sting's Bass Guitar?

Sting at a Police soundcheck in 2008
Sting at a Police soundcheck in 2008 | Source

Which Police song features the best bass playing by Sting?

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15. Best Guitarwork by Andy Summers in a Police Song? - Best Riffs or Solos from The Police Guitarist

Andy Summers on stage with The Police
Andy Summers on stage with The Police | Source

Which Police song features the best guitar work by Andy Summers?

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16. Best Stewart Copeland Drumming in a Police Song - The Rhythmatist at Work!

Stewart Copeland on stage during a Police soundcheck
Stewart Copeland on stage during a Police soundcheck | Source

Which song by The Police features Stewart Copeland's best drumming?

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17. Best Police-"Man" Autobiography - Best Book About The Police - BY The Police!

Each member of The Police has now written an autobiography - although the extent to which they cover their years with the band varies book to book. Which of their autobiographies did you think was the

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Stewart, Sting, Andy and Henry: The Police Autobiographes
How many rock bands can you name where every member of the band has published an autobiography? Honestly, I'd like to know because I can't think of any other...

18. Best Photography Book About The Police? - Favorite Collection of Photographs of the Band

It's not surprising that numerous books have been published about The Police, many focusing largely or solely on photographs of the band. From intimate back stage and studio portraits to energetic liv

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19. Best Book About The Police - Published Biographies and Studies of The Police

Along with photography collections, many books have been published about The Police's history and development, from their early days to later success. Which book do you think is the best, when it come

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20. Best Official Website Related to The Police? - Favorite Place On-Line to Gather With Other Police Fans

What is the best official website dedicated to The Police? Which do you think is the best site overall, be it for information, design, usability and community?

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21. How Many Times Have You Seen The Police in Concert? - A Survey for Concert-Going Fans

Sting and Stewart Copeland on stage with The Police
Sting and Stewart Copeland on stage with The Police | Source

How many times have you seen The Police in concert?

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22. Did You See The Police on Their 2007-2008 Reunion Tour? - When the band reunited in 2007 for a worldwide concert tour, many fans had the chance to see the b

Did you see The Police live during their 2007-2008 Reunion Tour?

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23. How Do You Rate The Police as a Live Band? - What's your opinion on The Police as a live act? Do they rock the arena, or do you think they're better on albu

How do you rate The Police as a live band?

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The Police Tour 2007-2008: My Wild Adventures Following The Band
In February 2007, the classic rock band from the 70s and 80s The Police announced what many fans had dreamed of for decades: thirty years after the release o...

25. Should The Police Record Together Again? - Your Honest Thoughts about a New Police Record

Andy Summers and Sting at a Police soundcheck
Andy Summers and Sting at a Police soundcheck | Source

Whether or not you think it ever WILL happen, do you think it SHOULD? Do you think that a new Police album would be a good idea or a bad idea? Could it measure up to their music from the past, or woul

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, several offspring of Police band members are now out there performing and recording their own music. Joe Sumner's band Fiction Plane has recorded several albums and even toured as an opening act for Sting and The Police in the past. Coco Sumner is starting to make a name for herself with her act I Blame Coco. And Jordan Copeland has been building up a following with Hot Head Show, which has toured with Les Claypool recently. Have you followed the work of any of these groups, and if so do you have a favorite?

26. Favorite Band Featuring Progeny of The Police - Children of The Police Making Their Own Music

Which is your favorite band featuring any of the progeny of The Police?

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27. Best Solo Career Outside of The Police - Vote for Your Favorite Solo Policeman

Each member of The Police has taken a very different path in their solo careers since The Police disbanded in the mid-1980s. Leaving aside the issue of relative commercial success, whose solo work do

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Sting Survey Questions

28. Favorite Solo Sting Studio Album - From 1985's highly successful "The Dream of the Blue Turtles" to 2013's "The Last Ship", Sting's solo discography is exte

Which is your favorite solo studio album by Sting?

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29. Best Sting Live Album - Choose your favorite commercially released Sting live album from the list below. Which best captures Sting on stage?

Sting on stage in 2008
Sting on stage in 2008 | Source

Which is the best Sting live album?

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30. Favorite Sting Song Released as a Single - Many of Sting's solo singles have become regulars on radio airplay through to today. Do you have a favorite?

What is your favorite song by Sting which was released as a single?

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32. Best Home Video/DVD Release by Sting

From music video collections to live concerts, there's a lot of Sting to be found on video. Which is your favorite? I have not included Sting Fan Club releases on this list because of their limited av

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33. Best Acting Performance by Sting

Throughout the years Sting has dabbled with an acting career - and many would say with rather mixed results. Of the roles he's taken on for film, which did you think was his most successful performanc

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34. Sting: Better With The Police, or Without? - Which Era of Sting's Music Do You Think Was The Best?

Of the members of The Police, Sting certainly had the most commercially visible and popular career after The Police. But how do you feel about the music he wrote and performed? Do you think he continued to grow and create ever more interesting music after The Police - perhaps to the extent you are more of a Sting fan than a Police fan? Or do you feel his solo work has lacked a certain something "magic" without the input - and creative tension - supplied by working with Stewart and Andy?

35. Who is the Best Drummer Sting Has Ever Recorded or Toured With? - Sting's Best Drummer - The Great Debate

Sting and Stewart Copeland on stage with The Police
Sting and Stewart Copeland on stage with The Police | Source

Sting: Better With The Police, or Without?

It's an argument I've seen come up many times on Police and Sting discussion forums - often with heated arguments to follow. Who is the best drummer for Sting's music? While many say Stewart, others o

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Stewart Copeland Survey Questions

36. Favorite Stewart Copeland Solo Release - Best Studio Album From Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland on stage with The Police
Stewart Copeland on stage with The Police | Source

From "Klark Kent" and "Rumble Fish" to "Dead Like Me" and "Ben Hur" - Stewart Copeland's solo releases cover quite a range of original music and soundtrack compositions. Do you have a favorite? Vote f

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37. Favorite Stewart Copeland Single Release - Best Single from Stewart Copeland

Which is your favorite single released by Stewart Copeland?

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39. Favorite Stewart Copeland Band - Besides The Police - Copeland's Other Bands, From Curved Air to Gizmo

Stewart Copeland on stage during a Denver soundcheck, 2008.
Stewart Copeland on stage during a Denver soundcheck, 2008. | Source

Which is your favorite band Stewart Copeland has been involved with - besides The Police?

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Stewart Copeland - The Rhythmatist of The Police
Most people know Stewart Copeland as the drummer for the rock band The Police. But while his work with Sting and Andy Summers was some of his most popular, S...

Stewart Copeland Albums on Amazon

40. Favorite Stewart Copeland Band Album - Excluding The Police - Band Recordings Featuring Stewart Copeland

Of the recordings released with the other bands in the previous survey question, which one is your favorite? What is the best album Stewart Copeland recorded as part of another band?

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Stewart Copeland Soundtracks
Stewart Copeland may be most widely known as the drummer for the rock band The Police. But he has also developed a notable career as a prolific and much in-d...

41. Which Stewart Copeland Project or Composition Do You Want to See Released? - What Copeland Project Needs an Album Version?

Many of Stewart's notable composition and performance works have never been officially released on audio or video, much to the dismay of many fans. Which of these projects are you most hopeful might s

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42. Best Bass Player That Stewart Copeland Has Recorded With - Building the Best Rhythm Section

The rhythm section is a key part of every good rock group and comes from the right combination of bass player and drummer. Of the bands that Stewart Copeland has recorded with, which bass player do yo

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43. Best Stewart Copeland "Guest Appearance" on Another Artist's Song - Putting That Copeland Signature on Another's Music

Stewart has never been a big studio or "session" player, but he has made some noteworthy appearances on songs and records by other artists. Which of the following do you think was the best of his "gue

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Andy Summers Survey Questions

44. Best Andy Summers Solo Studio Album - The Finest Release from Andy's Solo Discography

Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland on stage
Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland on stage | Source

The Police guitarist has stayed busy through the years, releasing a wide array of albums from rock to new age to classic and modern jazz. If you've heard most or all of them, do you have a favorite? C

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45. Best Andy Summers Collaboration Album - Favorite Summers Album Recorded with Another Artist

Andy has recorded several collaborative albums, each one with a very distinctive sound. Working closely with another talented musician has brought about some wonderful music from Andy, but which one d

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Guitarist Andy Summers of The Police
Andy Summers is best known for his years as the guitarist for the rock band The Police. His innovative, instantly recognizable sound was as critical to the b...

Can't Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police
In 2006, guitarist Andy Summers released his autobiography "One Train Later," which chronicled his life in music - most notably his years in the tr...

46. XYZ - Yes or No? - Opinion on Andy's One "Pop/Rock" Solo Album

In 1987, Andy Summers released "XYZ" - his only solo album after The Police to feature a mainstream, pop-rock sound - including lyrics sung by Summers himself. Did you think it was a good idea for Sum

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48. Best Andy Summers Photography Book - Favorite Collection of Andy's Photographs

Andy Summers at a Police soundcheck
Andy Summers at a Police soundcheck | Source

Besides being an incredible guitarist, Andy has developed quite the reputation as a wonderful photographic artist. Of the books of his photography published to date, which do you think showcases his f

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Henry Padovani Survey Questions

49. Best Henry Padovani Album Release - Records from The Police's Original Guitarist

Do you enjoy Henry Padovani's music? If so, pick your favorite album from his solo releases, and with The Flying Padovanis.

See results

50. Best Band Henry Padovani Performed With - Your Favorite Henry Padovani Band

After The Police, Henry Padovani performed with several other groups. Which is your pick for the best band that Henry rocked? It's the LAST QUESTION of the survey, so answer this one any you're all do

See results

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Wow, if you've made it this far through this survey, you must be one dedicated fan! Thanks for taking the time to cast your votes. If you have any final comments to make - anything you wanted to add to your responses above or additional options you think I should add to any of the questions, please let me know here. Thank you!

© 2011 Nicole Pellegrini


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