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11 Habits That Will Improve Your Life

Updated on January 24, 2016

11 Good Habits To Get Into That Will Improve Your Life:

By Terrence O’leary

1. Chew Gum

I don’t mean bubblegum or other candy gums that rot your teeth. I mean gums like Orbit, Trident or a variety of other sugar free gums. Chewing sugar free gums has been shown to help keep your mouth clean. This is because both the chewing and the flavors in the gum make it so your body produces more saliva, neutralizing many harmful acids in your mouth and keeping it cleaner.

2. Maintain a regular sleep schedule

I know I know, but the season 6 pre finale of Walking Dead is premiering at midnight and you couldn’t possibly stand to miss it. Unless you want to look like one of the walking dead then you should get at least 7-9 hours of sleep. Sleep is very important for your body’s day to day functions, you can just record your show and watch it the next day. Establishing a regular bedtime teaches your body to go sleep at that time. If you always stay up until midnight that’s when your body will fall asleep, always stay up until 8:30 and that’s when it fall asleep. Routine is important.

3. Exercise Daily

Another thing one of these lists always tell you, nevertheless it’s important. I’m not saying you need to be a professional bodybuilder, that’d be a bit excessive. What i’m saying is just do a bit of exercise daily. Whether it’s taking a quick walk or jog or doing a few reps lifting weights it will keep your body healthy and strong.

4. Do a good deed daily

Doing random little acts of kindness often may not seem like much to you but it can mean a ton to those who receive it. This is my favorite habit on the list because it focuses on helping others as well as yourself. The deeds can be big or small but no matter the size you’ll soon find that you feel good doing them.

5. Be Creative

Just exercise your creativity in any way. You could pursue an artistic hobby that you’ve always wanted to do like music, painting, drawing, photography, calligraphy, even pyrography would count. The arts have something for everyone you just have to find yours, you’ll find you may start looking at the world in a way you never did before.

6. Cry more often

You can get rid of the old “Crying means you’re weak assumption”. You may or may not know that crying more often is actually good for your body. Crying relieves stress by getting rid of toxins in your body. Crying also relieves pain as it sends out an endorphin which causes pleasure. Lastly your tears kill germs because they contain antibacterials.

7. Listen to upbeat music

If you want to boost your mood just listen to upbeat music. Studies show that listening to music affects your moods and that if you listen to upbeat music your mood will improve.

8. Have more color in your life

Do you know what else boosts your mood? Colors! This one is actually quite complex with different colors meaning different things so here are some links to go read more.

9. Organize yourself

Being organized can reduce stress and it is immensely satisfying to walk into a well organized room. Don’t try to organize everything at once though. Set aside some time to do some organizing and make a sort of schedule. This way you will still have spare time to do the other things you enjoy and your organizing won’t cut into other things.

10. Enjoy what you do

This is kind of vague but basically what I mean is whatever you’re doing, do it for yourself, not for other people. I have heard many stories of people trying to do things to impress others, thinking it will fill some sort of gap or emptiness, it never does. If you’re going to do these things then do them for yourself to make your own life better. It’s your life and you should live it to the fullest.

11. Practice what you preach

This is where I myself still have a long way to go. The gist of it is do what you tell and expect others to do. For instance I actually need to work on many of these things that i’m writing.


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