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Boys Watches Guide - Shopping For Boys Watches

Updated on January 9, 2011

Boys watches can make great gifts for a variety of occasions like a birthday, holiday, a graduation from a particular grade or before entering new grade or as a reward of some kind. The nice thing about giving boys watches as gifts is that they're both fun for the child and they can be educational in a variety of ways.

Time management is an important skill and responsibility in life and it can be fun and easy to teach kids this all-important skill with a fun watch.

But there are some things you should consider before making a quick purchase so you get the right one to fit the child receiving it. After all you want to be certain you achieve that look of excitement when they open and see their gift.

One of the first and easiest things to consider is the boy's age. Boys watches designed for younger boys vary significantly from those designed for adolescent or teenage boys. Those made for younger kids are typically brightly colored with lots of large patterns or themes. While the ones made for the older kids look more like classic watches with more basic colors and watch bands that you'll find on adult watches.

If you're looking for a young child who is just learning how to tell time you may want to consider one of the time teacher watches. These wristwatches have additional features and are specifically designed in a way that will help the child learn some of the basics of telling time.

If you're looking for an older or teenage boy you will probably want to consider something that looks more grown up. Sports watches are popular for boys in this age range. They have a casual look that goes well with their typical dress and they usually have more functions as well like an alarm or timer.

Digital Boys Watch
Digital Boys Watch

The Importance Of Durability In A Boys Watch

Durability is something that is important for all age groups but it may be even more important for younger boys because they may not have learned how to take care of things yet. Younger kids are often more hyperactive and not so careful. For example they may walk around the house swinging their arms around and hit the watch against the wall. There are boys watches that can handle this kind of treatment, like Flik Flak or Timex boys watches. You may opt for one of these if you're buying it for a particularly active or rough and tumble boy.

Younger kids are also more likely to leave their watch on while doing things like swimming or running through the sprinklers. For those water-loving kids waterproof watches are almost a necessity if you don't want it to break right away. Luckily waterproof watches for boys are easy to find in a variety of styles, age ranges, and brands.

Analog Boys Watch
Analog Boys Watch

Digital Or Analog Watch?

Another thing you may want to consider is whether you want to get a digital kids watch or an analog kids watch. We are in a digital age so digital is pretty popular because kids are familiar with seeing it on all their electronic devices, but it's important for kids to know how to tell time on both types.

For younger kids analog watches may be a better idea so they can learn how to tell time, but for older kids it will depend on what they prefer. Or it may be a secondary factor. It just depends on the specific kid and which features are most important. Older kids may want a couple different watches for different uses. They may want a digital sports watch for day to day use but a nicer classic analog watch for dressy occasions.

Find A Watch To Fit The Personality

As you can already see it is important to know the personality of the boy you're buying the watch for. Along with that you will want to know specific things he likes or doesn't like. If you're buying the watch for your son you'll know; kids are very good about sharing things they like, want and think they need. But if you're buying it for someone else you may want to ask mom or dad or even their friends for some advice on this.

You'll want to know if there is a specific one he has been wanting, or a certain theme that he has been really into, like cars, dinosaurs or even a Disney character. Disney watches have been very popular with the younger kids.

While younger kids may be more attached to certain characters older kids will have preferences as well. Things you'll want to pay attention to when buying kids watches for older kids include favorite colors, specific brands and specific features. Once again if you don't know the kid well enough it's good to talk to someone who does to get some tips.

Knowing the child or getting advice from someone who does is one of the keys to buying just the right one. There is a large selection of boys watches available but if you pare down the list using these tips you can find that watch the child will love. You'll know your research paid off right away when he opens the package and has that look of excitement on his face.


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