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Kids Watches Guide - Shopping For Kids Watches

Updated on March 10, 2011

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Kids watches are a great gift idea for children. Not only do kids like them but parents generally like them as well because kids watches can be both fun and educational. I remember the first one I ever received and how excited I was when I opened the package. This is also one of those gift ideas that has stood the test of time. While the styles may change the basic idea is pretty much the same.

Buying a childrens watch may sound like a simple enough task but there are a few things you may want to consider before making the purchase. Especially if you want the watch to be a big hit with the child you are buying it for. A little knowledge and research can go a long way here.

The first thing you will want to consider is the age of the child. A kids watch you would give a five year old will be much different than one you would give to a thirteen year old. If the child is just learning how to tell time you will probably want to look at a time teacher watch that helps teach the basic concepts of telling time. These watches have things like a different colored hour and minute hand or hands labeled hour and minute. They will usually have easy to read minute marks on the outer edge and some are segmented into sections showing "to" and "past" to help kids identify how many minutes to the next hour or past the previous hour.

For younger children you may also want to look for watch bands that are easy to use so the child can put the watch on and take it off by himself.

When looking at watches for kids that are younger you will probably want to look at more colorful ones with fun themes. But older kids may want something that looks more grown up. Older kids may also want more watch functions like a timer, an alarm or an Indiglo light.

Durability Of Your Childrens Watch

Another important factor when looking at watches for children is durability. Kids can be hard on things so you want to make sure you get a good quality watch if you want it to last. Timex and Flik Flak both make good quality kids watches that can take a bit of abuse. You may not want to spend too much if you're afraid the watch won't last too long, but luckily you don't necessarily have to pay a lot for a durable kids watch.

When thinking about the longevity another feature you might consider is whether or not you want the child's watch to be waterproof. Some kids aren't very good about remembering to take it off while they are out playing meaning they may run through the sprinklers or jump into the bathtub at the end of the night still wearing their beloved watch. Luckily there is a good variety of waterproof watches for kids making it easy to find a style they will like.

Digital Or Analog Watch?

An analog kids watch has a traditional watch face listing the numbers around the edge with the big and little hand showing the time. These days most kids are raised with digital items so a digital kids watch may seem more familiar for them. But for just that reason you may want to get an analog watch to teach the child how to tell time the old fashioned way. It's good for kids to know how to tell time on each type of clock or watch.

Sports Kids Watches
Sports Kids Watches

Favorite Characters Or Style Of Watches

When shopping for watches for kids it's important to know of any characters, themes or colors the kids you're buying them for specifically like.  Disney characters are popular so it's easy to find many of these characters on children's watches.  But there are a multitude of other themes and colors available.  Find out what the child likes and you should be able to find a watch to fit.  

Older kids may like some of the sporty watches better.  Many of these are digital and they have extra features like alarms or timers.  Or they may want something with more of a classic look.

Know The Child's Personality

Knowing the child's personality, or likes and dislikes, is probably one of the most important factors in choosing just the right childrens watch. If you choose the right one you could be a big hit, but if not the child may toss the gift aside. For instance if you're looking at girls watches you'll see lots of flowers, butterflies and pink, but if the girl doesn't like girlie things she may not like a traditional girls watch. Maybe she'd prefer one with frogs on it.

On the other side, you want boys watches to match both the boys' personality and age.  In many cases the playful character watch a 7-year-old might love won't be loved by the 14-year-old.

It's important to know the child's interests to help you find the right style. It will also help you know how durable the watch needs to be and what kind of feature or functions the child would like. Of course the child may have a very specific watch that they want so you'll need to know this as well -- you know what can happen if you don't get the right one that they really, really wanted. No one likes to see that look on a child's face.


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