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Car Seat Toys for Toddlers

Updated on January 13, 2012

Traveling with a toddler can be difficult. No toddler enjoys being strapped down in one spot for very long and as all parents know: An unhappy toddler is a noisy toddler. Good car seat toys for toddlers can help keep them entertained and happy for longer periods of time. In this article we will review 2 of the best car seat toys for toddlers. One, the sunny stroll arch, which is for younger toddlers and then a great entertainment solution for older toddlers.

Best car seat toy for toddlers
Best car seat toy for toddlers

Sunny stroll arch

I found the arch was quick and easy to attach to my toddler car seat. The arch has ball joints so you can adjust it further backward or forward even up and down. That means you can adjust it until the toy is within reach of your toddler. The toys on the arch is made from plastic which means they are sturdier and easier to clean than the cloth alternatives.

The 3 toys are fascinating to toddlers and they can play with them for hours.The one toy on the arch is a rattle ball attached to a propeller with a string. When they pull on the ball the propeller spins. The arch uses bright colors, motion and sound to keep toddlers entertained. The arch also has a transparent prismatic sun. Some of the parts are attached with Velcro so you should be able to swap them out for other toys, if your toddler becomes bored with them.

Snack and play travel tray

While an arch is great for younger toddlers, it's clearly not going to keep an older toddler entertained. For older toddlers I recommend the snack and play travel tray.

They can draw with their crayons using the tray as a rest, eat their snacks and even play with smaller toys. If they drop something it will land on the tray and not on the cars floor. Unlike the car, the tray is easily wiped clean.

The tray is soft, so it's safe to use with toddlers and lightweight so you can easily put it away when you aren't using it. Another plus is that the trays are easy to hook and unhook when you make a stop and your toddler needs to get out. The tray has 2 useful side pockets in which you can put your toddler's juice, snacks and toys.

Little Roadster

I thought I would review one good toy that your toddler can use, with the snack and travel tray. The Little Roadster is a driving wheel with a little screen on it. When your toddler turns the wheel the car on the screen turns. It also has a starting button and a gear shift. It does make ambulance, police and firetruck sounds, but they aren't so loud as to be irritating.

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Best toddler car seat toy
Best toddler car seat toy
Best car seat toy for toddlers
Best car seat toy for toddlers


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    • rihamah profile image

      rihamah 6 years ago

      nice hub, and really an unhappy toddler is a noisy one I completely agree.

      I've written hubs about baby monitors which are very helpful in reducing SIDS and help moms literally keep an eye on their precious little ones all the time. I'd love it if you can check it out and leave me your feedback.

      Cute girl at the bottom of the page is that your daughter? She's so cute.