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Be a Confident Parent and Ask for help if needed

Updated on September 15, 2014

Mother and daughter moment

Taking a moment with my preteen who wanted to take a picture with her mommy, even though I was stressed from dealing with other family issues this day.
Taking a moment with my preteen who wanted to take a picture with her mommy, even though I was stressed from dealing with other family issues this day.

Proactive parenting: Make it a Homerun!

Now that my children are in Jr High and High School, the level of stress in my parenting skills has skipped up a few levels. I've had days thinking, no reminiscing, back on the toddler years for the past 2 years. Ha, ha, right? Go ahead and laugh, it's all good and many parents are so in the know, and its beyond cool. The stories I have about the toddler years for my children are nightmarish types, make you cringe, hold your breath and check to make sure that the storyteller is still breathing when they are done telling the story.

My reason for writing this hub is to put a light on parents who are loosing their confidence in their parenting skills and the life that they are living with their children. They are getting depressed, pass stressed out, not having the ump! to get after their children and are plain old discouraged. I tip my hat to you mothers and fathers to be encouraged to look deep inside of yourself. Pull up your britches and make your mark as the head of your household.

Look for resources to assist you, such as: Counseling (if not for the family, get it for you), tutoring, community services center ore recreational center. A Boys & Girls club works well to help with the moral and activities to keep your young one busy after school. They even encourage them to complete their homework before playing around.

Sign-up for parenting classes. Yea, yea, yea. I know. You're a great parent and know how to parent. However, the stage of behavior that your child is at and the dynamics that are changing within the family home as I type this posting. These can do wonders to assist you and your overall being. Needless to say, it will rub off on everyone that is around you because, the skills that you learn transcend into other areas. They are that diversified!

Don't ignore your child, adolescent or teen. Including when they get off "the chain" with their behavior and actions. Do take notes of what goes on. Do you journal ladies? This is a high point that can aide you in wondrous ways. (Send me a message asking me why and maybe I'll spill the beans as to the greatness this can do!).

Does your kid, child, adolescent or teen get so out of control that you have to call the police? If you have: Good! Confident parenting exudes you to move forward to this stage when their actions/behavior warrants help from the authorities in law enforcement. Basically, another person who can come in and get the aura in the home settled, instead of you feeling hopeless. Stop! You are not, regardless of this situation, okay? Good.

When they choose to correct their behavior and actions to get their-self back into gear, they will appreciate you. Remembering that their mother/father hanged in their with them and did a lot to show their love and concern to help them back on a good-life path.

*To the contrary: Should your young one decide to continue to spiral out of control, everything that you have written notes about, written in your journal(s) and have called the police about will provide some solace to the hurt that a parent feels when they see their young one going down the wrong road. Even if the comfort is for your conscious, that's more than great. It's a more than confident parenting. It's Proactive Parenting.


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  • Sapphireid profile image

    Anna Taylor 6 years ago from San Diego, CA

    Hello Eyes straight ahead,

    Thank you for reading my new hub post. Cool!

  • EyesStraightAhead profile image

    Shell Vera 6 years ago from Connecticut, USA

    Wonderfully written hub about a very present concern in our society. I am told by many an "older" person that in the past villages raised children together. In foreign countries, you see this concept in reality as literal villages and colonies work together to ensure children are always attended to and have the attention they need. In our day of technology, we have a lot of help available anonymously and forget to get out there and network with others and ask for help in raising our children. Thank you for the gentle reminder.