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Doodle Bra?

Updated on July 7, 2012

Would you buy a Doodle Bra and show it off?

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Doodle Bra

Ok I'm confused by this new hot trend in bras. i admit I'm a man and women in general are confusing. Now you throw in undergarments and I'm really confused. What's the big deal about the Doodle Bra?

For those that don't know, the versatile Doodle Bra, which retails for U$14.95 comes with a white cotton bra, 6 Non-Toxic Washable Markers, Custom Designer Stencils, and a Doodle Bra Idea Booklet. According to the advertising you can design the bra over and over. So I guess, even though it's the same bra, it's different every time.

Now, I'm all for art and self expression. However if no one sees the art, what's the point. The joy in creating something is the reaction of those that see it. Who is going to see the beautiul artistic bra art you created?

The real disturbing part is the Doodle Bra is marketed mostly to the younger generation. Do we really want our teens lifting their shirts revealing new artwork? Will young ladies soon forgo the shirt because it covers their masterpiece?

I'm a guy, my toughest decision concerning under garments is tightie whites or boxers? I don't really care about designs, color or if I can draw on them. Silk, cotton, polyester or saran wrap, I don't care as long as it's comfortable. I have no desire to draw on them. Any artwork would just be ruined by the skidmarks anyway.

As a businessman, I guess my next investment should be a museum to display these Doodle Bras. Can you imagine opening night. Some appetizers, wine and live models wearing tricked out Doodle Bras. A traveling Doodle Bra art exhibit, Doodle Bra auctions for charities on Ebay. Doodle Bra theft, branapping for huge ransom amounts.People being mugged for their Doodle Bras.

I predict the Doodle Bra will make it's inventor a multi-millionaire. At the same time the world will go bra crazy. Be prepared to see young women wearing the bra outside the clothing real soon.


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    • profile image

      Deb 7 years ago

      I ordered a doodle cami the beginning of January & have yet to receive it. First there was a delay in the merchandise, shipping, etc. Will be on its way any day. Now they do not even respond to my emails or calls.

    • Silverbonds profile image

      Silverbonds 8 years ago

      lol funny Um as far as it goes I just think its a fun little gag gift to break ice for moms and developing teens maybe but i think it to me is mostly for a good laugh or inside joke to oneself or others involved