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Free Walmart Baby Box Review

Updated on September 5, 2016
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Whitney is a mom trying to evoke a healthy, happy life for herself and her family.

Walmart offers the $5 baby box subscription that is mailed out once every three months, but they also have a free baby box. I wanted to try, compare and review both, so I signed up for both.

I ordered my box on June 30th, and received it July 22nd. When signing up for the free box, it the page tells you to wait up to five weeks for shipment, so a three week wait isn’t bad at all. It was actually a nice surprise to find in my mail box considering you don’t get a shipment notification.

My Walmart Baby Box Box Included

Estimated MSRP
4-ounce Playtex® bottle with NaturaLach® silicone nipple and 5 pre-sterilized Drop-Ins® liners
1.78-ounce All Free and Clear detergent
1.7-Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo with Organic Calendula
0.5-ounce Dr. Smith’s® Premium Blend Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Ointment
0.5-ounce Dial® Omega Moisture 7 day moisturizing lotion with Omega packed sea berries
0.45-ounce Dapple dish soap sample with $1 off any size purchase anywhere coupon
0.03-ounce Aquaphor® Baby Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment
*Prices were calculated using regular MSRP for the product/piece or ounce multiplied by what was received in the box. EX: 16.9-ounce Dapple soap equals $4.98. $4.98/16.9 equals $0.29 times 0.45-ounce equals $0.13.

Free Baby Box Review

Personally, the free Walmart baby box is better than the $5 subscription baby box. I didn’t get as many things in my free box as I did the subscription box, but I feel like what I did receive is more useful , Also, the total estimated worth is higher in the free box I received versus the box I paid for.

When I signed up for the box, I didn’t get an email notification that my form submission when through, I only received the on-screen confirmation, which I didn’t save because I assumed I was getting an emailed one since the form asks for your email address. Since, I didn’t get an email confirmation on the box, I didn’t expect to receive the shipment notification, nor did I actually receive one. I believe that Walmart should revisit this process, but I have a feeling that they don’t send the notifications because it’s a free box so they’re trying to limit the money they invest in manpower or email platform expense for the email sends.

As for the product, I’m pretty happy with them. I’m not sure if I’ll be breastfeeding or solely bottle feeding, so the Playtex bottle is handy. The box explains that the NaturaLach® nipple is shaped and textured to mimic the real thing to help the baby catch onto bottle feeding. And, I assume the liners just make feeding convenient because they’re meant to help keep the bottle clean. I wouldn’t expect a perfectly clean bottle after one use, but cleaner is better than dirtier.

I love using All Free and Clear detergent, so the sample will definitely go to use, and I think I’m going to try the Dapple dish soap sample on my Tupperware that have interesting smells. I want to put the dish soap to the test. I have two samples of the soap now with the Walmart Subscription Baby Box, so I hope I can get all my Tupperware clean smelling again. With my sensitive nose (now more sensitive with pregnancy), I can only use some of my tupperware for my own food or the smell is overpowering to my senses.

The Dial Omega Moisture lotion smells clean. In my husband’s words, “it’s nice. Not girly, just clean smelling.” I’ll add this sample to my lotion stash. I can’t seem to keep my hands moisturized, so any little big helps. Same goes with the Aquaphor® Baby Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment. I have three samples of this now, and I know it works well. I use Aquaphor® Healing Lotion regularly at night. It’s a really thick ointment, almost like Vaseline.

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How to Get the Free Walmart Welcome Baby Box

The free box wasn’t quite as easy to find as the subscription box. If you search “free Walmart baby box,” the entire first page plus probably the next few pages are filled with the subscription box, which is free plus $5 shipping. This isn’t the free box that I reviewed here.

In order to get the 100% free baby box, use a desktop computer or laptop and go to Once there, click the “Baby Registry” link in the top tool bar and select the “Baby Registry” option from the drop down.

Depending on your monitor size, you may see the fuchsia “Welcome Box” above the fold (where you have to start scrolling) or just below, but it’ll be on the left underneath the “Find a Baby Registry” form. Click “Sign Up Now.”

Just fill out the form with your name, due date, email address and shipping address.

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Overall, I’d give the Walmart Free Baby Box 3 out of 5 stars. I’d estimate the value of my bag to be at least $8.43 plus one $1 coupon.

The box would have gotten at least 4 stars, but the lack of email notification really irks me, so Walmart lost a star for that.

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