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Walmart Baby Box Subscription Review – Prenatal Box

Updated on September 5, 2016
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Whitney is a mom trying to evoke a healthy, happy life for herself and her family.

So, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pay for the subscription, but I figured it’s only $5 for shipping... I had seen a few nice box contents from past years, but nothing recent. I figured I would go with it.

Now, in past years, you could choose 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, infant, baby or toddler boxes and would receive one box a quarter. Now, there are just the three options. I had to contact customer service to see how often they are shipped now, and it’s still once a quarter. It took customer service about a week to get back with me. L

I assume at some point these boxes overlap, since you’re not always in the prenatal stage. I’m also not sure if they just stop coming at some point, or if your child is 12-years old and you’re still getting the quarterly box.

You can purchase all three subscriptions and monitor them in your babybox account, but I wasn’t going to spend $5 per subscription, so I went with Prenatal, since that’s what stage I’m in.

I ordered my box on June 30th, and it was shipped on July 11th, which is within the two week span they estimated it would go out.

My Walmart Subscription Baby Box Box Included

Estimated MSRP
Pampers diaper clutch
1 Newborn size Pampers diaper
6--pack Pampers sensitive wipes
5-pack All dryer sheets for sensitive skin
2-pack Lansinoh breast milk storage bags
2-pack Lansinoh disposable nursing pads
1.8-ounce Dove Go Fresh Revitalize body wash in mandarin & tiare flower scent
1.7-ounce N-SPA Exotically Creamy Coconut Rich Body Butter
0.45-ounce Dapple dish soap sample with $1 off any size purchase anywhere coupon
* Prices were calculated using regular MSRP for the product/piece or ounce multiplied by what was received in the box. EX: 16.9-ounce Dapple soap equals $4.98. $4.98/16.9 equals $0.29 times 0.45-ounce equals $0.13.

Subscription Baby Box Review

Hopefully, some people receive better boxes, but I have a feeling many are skimp like mine was. I expected at least one full-size product, more samples or something. Before I placed my order, I had seen boxes from 2013-2015 that included a pacifier and loads of Burt’s Bees samples, as well as other samples and coupons. My box had a little weight to it, so I had hopes for at least on big item like a bottle or pacifier, but was very disappointed when I opened it.

The Dove body wash went to use right away as my husband and I had ran out of body wash (we use the Dove brand) that day. The sample bottle held us over until I could get to the store the next day.

How to Get the Walmart Baby Box

Go to to subscribe to the baby box. They ask a few questions like, the birth/due date, gender, which box you want, shipping information and credit card information. Once you’ve placed your order, you can go in and change the baby’s birthday and gender, so if you’re not sure what gender or if you’ve used the estimated due date, you can update that information when you have it.

But, that’s it. There’s nothing special about signing up for the Walmart Baby Box Subscription.

You can cancel the subscription at any time. They’re supposed to email you before sending out the next box so you can skip or cancel. Your card won’t get charged if you skip or cancel, but if they ship it, you’re getting charged.

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Overall, I’d give the Walmart Baby Box – Prenatal Box 1 out of 5 stars. I’d estimate the value of my bag to be at least $5.98 plus one $1 coupon and 10 Pampers rewards points.

Because you have to pay $5 to have the box shipped to you, I expected at least one decent item.

For the purpose of writing reviews, I will continue to receive the boxes. This will hopefully help others in purchasing or not. Plus, I do hope that they get better.

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