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Best Selling Baby Products - Baby Learning Items to stimulate your babies development.

Updated on March 2, 2017

What are the best products to stimulate your babies mind?

We all know how soon a baby starts to grasp the wonderful world around him. His eyes will follow mum around the room. Pretty lights will capture his attention and he will sit or lay for hours watching the mobile above his cot turn around and play nursery rhymes. So how old does your baby have to be before you stimulate your babies mind?

Each and every mother will begin to notice when her baby is getting bored. It may be when he or she is a few weeks old, or perhaps after a few months. And that is the time when you only want to buy the best selling baby products to encourage and stimulate his interest in the world around him. A few years ago, there was an experiment called 'Hot Housing' your child. This entailed teaching the baby from only a few months old, to 'read' word cards, or listen to stories being read to him and at the same time seeing the words in front of him. Now we all don't want to push our children too early, on the other hand we also don't want to wait to long before helping in their development. So what do we do?

There are some great products on the market these days. So much more than when I was a baby, and even when my son was small. I taught my son to read when he was four years old, but these days you can teach your baby when he is only a few months to a year old. Not only learning the basics of reading, but so many other things that will stimulate his mind.

I have tried to find the best collection that will give you an idea of how to gently give your child his first learning experience.

Baby Einstein Language Nursery

With a cacophony of colours, sounds and pictures, these DVDs are a marvelous way of keeping your baby entertained. Accompanied by nursery rhyme tunes, your baby will learn not only to communicate in English but also a variety of other languages! A female voice will talk through all the sites and sounds, slipping from one language to another. Can you imagine an easier way to learn another language. As your baby grows, he will become familiar with so many different words and languages. So that by the time he goes to school he will find that his early learning has put him in good stead for picking up foreign languages much easier than other children who have not had the opportunity to feel familiar around the sounds. Along with a video tutorial that explains everything that is happening, this is a great way to teach your baby.

You can also buy Baby Einstein sing a long DVDs, and Baby Einstein soothing classical music.

Baby Flashcards

Baby Flashcards have been around for some time. It is the ultimate 'Hot house' teaching tool for little minds. What more could a baby love, than looking at shiny colourful cards? But of course that is not all that is printed on them. Baby Flashcards come in all shapes and sizes.

Among the pictures of animals and flowers, teddy's and toys, there are large words printed onto the flashcards. The idea is that as your child sees and feels the cards, mum or dad can read out the words at the same time as showing the card to their baby. You don't have to say the words over and over again, the idea is that you hold the card in front of your baby and say the word, let him or her focus on it, and then move onto the next word or picture.

Babies minds are very quick to soak up knowledge, and because they are not in an environment where there are lots of children, they can take there time learning each word as it is shown. The great thing about it is that the baby will think it is great fun! The Baby Flashcards may have been around for a while, but they are certainly worth using.

Baby Laptops

From a very early age, children turn to computers to learn about the world, study for exams and talk to their friends. So it is a great idea in this new world of technology, to get your baby used to a computer. And what a great way to learn. Buttons to push, a light up screen, teaching objects sound effects and loads and loads of shapes to stimulate the babies memory.

The buttons and click mouse help to develop motor skills and the sounds help to develop the babies verbal skills. And of course it is great fun!

Toy of the Year by American Baby Magazine

This fun cube has three sides that talk and teach, in English and Spanish. The two adjacent sides use mechanical sounds and gadgets to add to the fun. Teach your child the easy way!

English and Spanish steering wheel, learn both languages! A steering wheel that drives your baby to different places with words and sound effects each with a short sentence.Then of course there is the dashboard, the buttons feature great fun words and sound effects! And a gear stick that counts through a child's first experience of learning numbers from 1-10

And also they can amuse themselves by playing with the ignition key, accelerator brake and horn.

And if that wasn't enough to keep them amused, they also can find hours of fun with the left/right turn signal, and the fuel button! Great stuff!

So, all in all, you will end up with a fully qualified baby driver who speaks numerous languages! Can't get better than that!



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