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How to Protect your Children from Abuse

Updated on August 11, 2014

Protect your Children

As a parent, the most important job we have is to protect your children. As parents, and guardians, it is our responsibility to try to protect our children from abuse. I say try, because, an abuser can be anyone. This can be a problem, if we have a preconceived concept of what an unsafe person looks like.

When it comes to protecting our children, It is always better to err on the side of caution, than to trust everyone. It is important not to automatically entrust our children with anyone who appears to be nice or shows and interest in them. This hub will give you some ideas on how to handle this issue and what to be aware of.

Save our Children
Save our Children | Source

Epidemic Child Abuse

According to National Child Abuse statistics, in the year 2012, aproximately 500,000 children were reported as suffering from neglect. 100.00 were physically abused, 50,000 suffer molestation, and 45,000 emotional abuse. An estimated 50 - 60% of child fatalities are due to mistreatment. Sadly this maltreatment is not recorded as such on death certificates.

In one study, it was found that children are three times more likely to suffer from abuse, when they live with parents who abuse alcohol and other drugs, and four times more likely to experience neglect than children of sober parents

John Walsh on Protecting Kids

Teach your Children

Teach your children to follow their own instincts. If you are not sure how to approach it, try using children's books or videos, to teach them such things as, screaming, 'no' if someone approaches them and never, ever talk or go with strangers.

Your Child has Rights
Have you ever know a parent to tell a child, give so and someone a kiss or a hug? We probably all have. If you child does not want to hug or kiss someone, that is alright. Let them know that they have a right to say no!

Act on your Gut Feelings
Don't feel guilty, if you get an uncomfortable feeling, every time a certain person is around your child. This is your spirit warning you that something is not right about that person.

Substance Abuse
Do not let those you know are involved in drinking too much of taking any kinds of drugs, care for your children. Not leaving your children with people who abuse drugs or alcohol is not just a precaution; it is common sense.

How to Protect your Children

Give you Kids a Fighting Chance!
Give you Kids a Fighting Chance! | Source

Protect your Child's Future

There is so much a child will have to deal with before they reach adulthood. It is our responsibility as adults to make sure our child has a fighting chance. They have hopes and dreams like everyone else. Help protect the minds, souls and little bodies.

Adult Pay Attention!
It is important to be sensitive to your own inner voice. If you feel uncomfortable about someone paying too much attention to your child,do not dismiss this as being in your mind. Take proper precautions to make sure this person is not alone with your child.

Be Aware of Signs of Abuse
As the caregiver, you need to be aware of any unusual changes in your child's appearance, personality or fears. Signs of abuse can be anything from your child acting out, to your child being afraid of someone they were not afraid of before, to sudden nightmares.

Breaking the Pattern
Many times abuse runs in families. If we are to break the pattern of abuse, we have to be open and honest about the people in our families. It is important to get the entire family in counseling to address these matters. It will not go away, because you don't talk about it. This is a secret that will eventually come to light.

Involving the Authorities
I recently heard a news story where a man who was a police officer had abuse a young family member. The wife also knew about this and said nothing. This was taken to the church an the Pastor convinced the child and parents not to report the crime. Eventually it came out and both the man and wife were arrested.

No matter who tells you don't say anything, we can handle this as a family, church, etc. do not listen. Abusing is a crime that must be reported to the police. You must act as your child's advocate, to make sure that those who have harmed them are punished. Go to the authorities as soon as you are aware your child has been harmed. Assure your child that you will do all you can to protect them from that person in the future.


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    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Yes, I read that 80% of child molestation is done by someone the child knows. Scary!

    • hypnodude profile image

      Andrea 7 years ago from Italy

      Many good advices. If I can add my humble opinion, as soon as possible all children should learn some basic Self Defense moves, so that in case they need it at least they have a chance to run away and be safe. Obviously if sexual abuse happens within families or friends it's much more difficult. Nothing substitutes parents' awareness. Thumbs up. :)