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Strange name or funny name for your extraordinary baby

Updated on July 28, 2011

Do you want to give your kid a name that nobody has ever had? Strange name, let's be honest. If so, I can't advise you anything, you have to create your strange name. But here are some very unique names by very original parents to inspire you. Actually, I can find out some creative approaches to help you. You can take name from your favorite food (what about Mr Eggplant?), your favorite website (hubpages?) or make acronym from your motto or any other meaningful phrase. Unleash your creativity!

Here I gathered the weirdest names, especially Russian names. You probably guess that Russian people are crazy. (However there is a beautiful hub which doubts it) They are really passionate about things they do, they don't admit any rules, they are deeply creative in wild, rough nature. Here are some evidences of this wild creativity. The strangest Russian names. All of those strange names were created in Soviet Union time, when people felt innocent love to country and country leaders, so they named their poor kids after country leaders, major events or even popular disciplines.


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TOP 10 strange names in Russia (it is real, people lived with these names)

  1. Dazdraperma. It is acronym, which is made from phrase "Happy 1st of May". 1st of May was International workers' day in Soviet Union time, it was major holiday with crowded parades. Adults, kids, teens went outside wearing their best clothes to join parade. They waved national flags and kids held balloons. Country leader also was there and held a speech.
  2. Vaterpejekosma. It is also acronym after phrase "Valentina Tereshkova is the first woman in the space"
  3. So what about first man in the space? Yes, we have boys name for it, too. Ooryurvkos! Believe me, all these strange names are hard-to-pronounce and strange-looking for Russians, too. Ooryurvkos = "Hurray! Yuriy Gagarin in the first man in the space"
  4. Still popular name Vladlen sounds smooth and tuneful, but it is reduction from Vladimir Lenin (Parts were taken to create it are bold )
  5. Another nice and laconic name is Mels which is acronym after words Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin. Those people were idols for few generations. Marx and Engels were creators of communism doctrine, Lenin and Stalin were Soviet Union leaders.
  6. Kukutsapol - acronym after "corn is the queen of fields". (After great national promoting of corn for farmers)
  7. Lublen - acronym after "Love Lenin"
  8. Ninelle - it sounds if you read word 'Lenin' from back to front. So beautiful name with so shitty origin!
  9. Kommir - acronym after "communist world"
  10. Les - acronym after 'Lenin, Stalin"

By Photograph by Oren Jack Turner, Princeton, N.J. Modified with Photoshop by PM_Poon and later by Dantadd. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Photograph by Oren Jack Turner, Princeton, N.J. Modified with Photoshop by PM_Poon and later by Dantadd. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons | Source

Do you think it is smart to create new names?

Do you think it is smart to create new names?

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“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” (Albert Einstein)

When I started to explore the topic, I found out that not only Russians were crazy. People are crazy all over the world. Who would name kid March 1792? Or Moon unit? And what about Two kilograms of rice? Now I have to make TOP 10 strange names all over the world.

10. CutOutDissection.Com. Yes, it is name of girl from North Carolina. But it's not her parents' fault. This 19-years-old girl had changed her name for PETA's activities sake. And actually there is trend to take dot-com names. There is another guy named GoldenPalaceDotCom. And now I ask you: "Who is brave enough to take name?" Hm, Paul?

9,8,7,6,5. Another family from Chicago, US named kids Meningitis, Laryngitis, Appendicitis, Peritonitis and Tonsillitis. No comments.

4. Moon Unit is name of Frank Zappa's daughter

3. 'Two kilograms of rice' - decent name, right? Guy was named so because his parents got 2 kilograms of rice for his birth. It was in India.

2. Other guy was named "I love potatoes", very nice name, too.

1. March 1792. March was first name, and 1792 was last name. He had brothers January, February and April, all with last name 1792.


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