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Healthy relationships between fathers and their daughters - how to raise teenage girls.

Updated on April 26, 2017

Parenting teenage girls

The power a daughter has over her father is amazing. The power of a daddy to the heart development of his daughter is unquestionable. I want to tell you about my three daughters in hopes that it will encourage you in your pursuit in raising your daughter or to inspire you in building your relationship with your daddy.

Parenting teenage girls is rich and complex. I can remember so many father and daughter dates, these daddy and daughter times fuel so many rich memories. Those awkward moments wrapped in the normal days are the ones I remember the most.

Today if you find yourself with an unhealthy relationship with your daddy or your daughter I want to encourage you that it's never too late to rekindle that relationship or to bring it to a new level. If you're a divorced dad trying to raise a teenage girl on your own, there is still time. If you're a daughter whose daddy isn't around you can still mend that bridge. If you're in an already good relationship its OK to make it a great relationship. Time slips by too quickly. Don't wait.

I hope you enjoy this Hub, it's comes from a deep place in my heart.

Reflecting on raising up my daughters

I sat watching my second daughter eat a sub sandwich last night, her mind grasping the coming 4 years of high school, her thoughts focused on the orientation meeting we had at Monroe High School about 1/2 hour before we sat down. I was giving her coaching questions and challenging her gently like I do with all my daughters when we share milestone moments like this. Suddenly our conversation took a beautiful unexpected turn when she began to give me her view of the last 13 years of her life and where she saw the next ten going. It blew my mind and stretched me. You see as a Dad I've been here before and I get the joy of doing it one more time in 10 years.

In my life I get the joy of simultaneously being actively involved with the unique development and life story of 3 girls placed 10 years apart. Each day I see the complexities of each of their lives and enjoy the different life hurdles they are jumping over. The oldest pursuing her life career and navigating a new marriage, the middle working out the strategy positioning herself for high school and college, and the youngest eating cheerios, contemplating the potty chair and learning to talk. Its more than I deserve, more than I expected, humbles and flattens me but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Last Sunday evening during our weekly "family party" something happened that happens every week. Each of my girls took a turn sitting with me and talking. Sometimes its serious sometimes its funny - but its always the highlight of my week. I learn so much from them and enjoy it more than I can express in words. Its awesome - completely awesome.

I love my daughters. I am humbled by the beauty that grows in each of them daily. My 3 daughters, 3 unique creations, 3 very different personalities, 3 explosively prosperous life stages - WOW! The power of the three - I'm so happy to be their Father.


The power of the three

My daughters,all 10 years apart. Each unique & amazing. I'm deeply thankful & blessed.
My daughters,all 10 years apart. Each unique & amazing. I'm deeply thankful & blessed.

Daddy Daughter Date Ideas

Use the comment box below and share some of your favorite Daddy and daughter date ideas.

  • Maybe its a memory of something you've done.
  • A memory maker you want to do.
  • A memory you wish you could have or should have done.
  • Maybe a tribute to someone you've lost.
  • Share with the other father and daughters that read this Hub.

From my heart to yours - to all you daughters and dads, may the years you have with each other continue to grow and become all they can and should be. Here's to all the fantastic memories. To those moments you lost, to the times you shared, to everything and anything in between. It's all been a part of the rich relationship we call in my family "daddy and daughter times".

Father of the Bride - a Daddy Daughter date night classic

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