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What Being a Parent has Taught Me -- Love

Updated on March 28, 2011

Children are Messy

The Widsom of Babies

       After watching Reese play for 15 minutes, put a ball into a bucket, pull the ball out, put the ball amazes me that he can be entertained for so long with things that I've mastered long ago. And yet more amazing is the fact that I am completely entertained by watching him do these simple tasks. It amazes me that a cute sneeze, an incoherent sentence he tries to speak to me, or just his mischievous grin can make my heart melt.

       I tell Reese, "God gave you to me as a special gift to care for and love. I love you because you're mine, not because you've done anything good and not because you've avoided anything bad, I love you just because you're you, and just because you're mine." It hit me in my early days with Reese, in the wee hours of the night while I rocked him to bed, completely in love with holding him in my arms and staring at his cute little face, this is the way God sees his children.

       As an imperfect parent, I can only slightly reflect the love of a perfect God. So if I, being imperfect, can love my child like this, how much more does my perfect Father love me. Of course, I understand, out of love my God cannot allow me to disobey Him, not because He wants to rule over me, but because His rules are for my benefit and for the benefit of others. I do and will continue to do the same for my baby. If I do not correct him, if I do not discipline him, if I do not get angered and disappointed when he disobeys, what kind of parent would I be?

       I tell Reese I will love him no matter what, but I'm not going to always approve of what he does. He doesn't understand me yet, but he will. If he does something to endanger himself or others, will I not be upset? If he disobeys my commands, will there be consequences? If he attempts to do something that will hurt him, will I not reprimand him and show him a better path? Of course I will. And so will God for me. But I will always love my baby. What he DOES has consequences, of course, but who he IS, that's what makes my love for him so strong.

      Reese is mine, and I love him for who he is. And I rest in the comfort that I am God's, and He loves me for who I am.


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