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Baby Girl -Sugar and Spice and Everything PINK !what to buy when expecting a GIRL!

Updated on April 18, 2015

Having A Baby Girl? This is a guide to what you need and want to buy and what you shouldn't buy

Save money on things that you won't use to buy stuff that you will use and want. Instead of getting that 20 baby spoon just because it is advertised on tv why not buy that outfit that youtotally loved but thought was too expensive. Starting out on an adventure after having 3 boys I am still getting used to buying stuff for a little girl. To me it is like being 8 again and having a baby doll to dress up although a lot more work lol : )

For Starters..Here are the baby essentials that you will need for a newborn when you come home from the hospital with your little princess

.A car seat that is not recalled they will not let you leave the hospital until you have a safe

carseat and they need to properly fit your baby in it. Although Pink is the color that I had to have if you cannot find/afford a pink don't worry. Even buying a pink carseat a lot of people mistake my head to toe in pink baby for a boy and When you are carrying it any distance the

design and comfort of the handle will be way more important,at this moment in time you won't

care if it was black and white with polka dots

Diapers you want to make sure that you have newborn and size 1 most babies grow out of

newborn quickly and then you are left with ones you cannot use. I have found that the cheaper brands work as well for me as the expensive brands, but that is entirely your decision.

also you want to make sure that you have enough so you wont' have to run out to get more

while you are recovering from giving birth.And Baby wipes, where not all brands are created equal but for the most part as long as they are thick enough then you are all set.

Formula in the hospital it's usually decided on what kind of formula though some people

might have to change for one reason or another so I would suggest getting enough but don't by cases full.Bottles -and a bottle brush of course I would recommend buying mostly 8 or 9 ounce the little ones will be just a decoration after they exceed 4 ounces

Baby girl Clothes---I know that dresses are all that is on the mind of a mom who is having

a baby girl, especially if you have boys.Although with Newborns it is much easier with onesies and stretchy suits, Nightgowns if they work for you I have never been a fan of nightgowns because they don't stay where they should.also you will need some socks/booties to keep feet

warm. Scratch mittens if you can find the right ones that stay on. baby caps are also important

to keep baby warm, if you want to doll them up go for a headband over the hat.Shoes I wouldn't recommend for newborns if they are not slipper type,it is more work and your newborn is not going to walk away right now so I would save the shoes for toddling You will also need bibs and burp clothes you want a lot of these because babies go through these quickly.That way you won't have to do laundry everyday. A snowsuit in the wintertime I would suggest the ones with the gloves attached and not the ones that you can remove,they seem to fall off when they aren't attached completely.and of course dresses too and tights who could live without these lol : )

Also you will want some blankets for swaddling like receiving blankets and some bigger ones for down the road.

You will also need a nose-sucker aspirator and some saline drops. Fingernail clippers for babies (I bought a pair with a light and it still works now she is 7 months old)The light comes in handy more than you think it would.

you will also need a thermometer I recommend the ear thermometer but everyone has their own opinion as long as you have are golden

You will also need a place for your baby to sleep a bassinet a Cosleeper insert for the bed

or a crib-a crib will save you money in the long run because she will get a lot more use out of it.

Every mom needs time where they set their baby down to do dishes..get the phone ext.

you should invest in a baby bouncer seat or a swing I would recommend a swing with a plug in

and not just batteries.

A baby bathtub and baby bath items such as shampoo and the disposable wash clothes were one of my favorite splurges on bath stuff.I believe as far as baby bath that all of the ones i have tried work the same smell the same and you can even get bedtime bath in store brand

A diaper genie although I had them the older ones that you have all the bags separate inside were more of a hassle than the diaper pail that works like a normal household trash

A diaper pail is not something that you really need I think saving the store grocery bags and putting the diaper in it before you throw it away is just as effective.Although diaper pails are not expensive so it's really up to you

Now for what you can buy but could live without--

Bottle Warmer-We used room temp water for all of our baby bottles since our son was born

Wipe warmer-These are nice if you just brought the wipes in from the car in the winter

baby spoons,walker,ext- being prepared is fine if you have the extra money or gifts for down the road because they do grow quickly

headbands *bows ext..really wanted to put these in the necessary category, no but they are a lot of fun. just watch which style you get some can irritate babies scalp

Boppy- some people really like these and they do come in handy,they make it so your arm doesn't go to sleep

Baby monitor-this would depend on if the baby was sleeping in the same room

A diaper bag-this is optional because I am sure that we all have something that we could put diapers and bottles in to take out. But on the other hand it doesn't say GIRL across the side and is pink and frilly

a travel changer pad-can come in handy but you can live without

it might be something that you could pick up later on

Now here is a list of stuff that is a waste of money in my opinion

Baby Jewerly like little bracelets ext. wait til they are walking and talking and ask to play dressup

baby toys..this will be what everyone is buying them until they get old enough for real toys

if you feel like you have to buy a cheap rattle.I know it is tempting if you are like me your first

instinct knowing it's a girl is to run out and buy a doll but I would wait until their 1st Birthday.

Baby Moisture face stick-yeah I actually remembering buying this for my first baby boy

and i realize now how silly that was.

a thick baby robe- the thin ones with the hood are fine but the thicker ones I have had 4 and never used one : ) I know you think that I would have learned they draw us in with the bath toys attached or ext. media hype and a gull-able mom.

baby hair leave in conditioner to calm flyaways-yes I thought my daughter needed this

but trust me don't waste your money

So Congrat on having a baby girl hope I helped you out on deciding what to buy


Find great baby Items here for your princess

What is your favorite Baby Girl Item to buy?

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