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Why Kids Need Alone Time

Updated on May 20, 2009

While many parents like to keep their kids on the go all the time you will want to remember that your kids are going to want to have some time alone in their rooms away from their siblings. I know that my kids like this time and I have found many benefits of them having this time alone in their room for a wide variety of reasons. So I thought I would share some of the reasons why I found it is important for my kids to have some alone time in their rooms away from their siblings.

The first reason that I found that my kids love being in their room for alone time is because they are away from each other and do not fight as often. I know that when my kids are around each other on a constant non-stop basis it seems like they get on each other’s nerves and start to fight with each other all the time. So when my kids are in the room on their own the little break typically thirty minutes or so allows them to have a break from each other and then they do not fight as often.

The second reason why my kids benefit from going into their room for alone time is that from time to time they will actually take a nap if they are tired. With my kids in their room for alone time when they do decide to take a nap is beneficial because that means that they will not be as grumpy later on in the day when they are waiting for dinner, bathes, or playing. So they will be well rested and at times be able to stay up a little bit later so they might sleep in for a change!

The third reason that my kids love the alone time in their room is that they get to play with the toys that they have in their rooms that they might not be able to bring up to the main room. So with them able to play with the toys that they are normally not allowed to play with they love being able to enjoy them. With these toys it does tend to keep them occupied in their rooms so that they do not mind being in their room.

While many parents keep their kids on the go constantly I have found that I need to let my kids have some alone time. With the alone time that they have they do not fight with each other as often, they might take a nap, and they get to play with some of their bigger toys that they cannot bring to the main room.


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    • KT pdx profile image

      KT pdx 8 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA

      This is a wonderful hub. When I was growing up, my parents thought that I had to be with them 24/7, and I had to beg them for time by myself.