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Being a Single Mother

Updated on July 11, 2011

Being a single mother is a hard but rewarding job. Nothing compares to the love a mother has for her children. NOTHING! Parenthood regardless is a very important responsibility and many men have abandoned their children. Underprivileged and challenged in every way these women strive everyday to take care of their families without support from the State in which they live nor from the men that have abandoned them and I find this commendable. They are a society that America blames for every ill that sickens our nation from wayward children to the woes of the economy, especially the health care system. Wow, what a burden a single mother must carry; but lets be clear, every single mother is not on welfare. Many of these women have careers and goals. I have the privilege of knowing a few. Some became mothers during marriage and others not; but they all struggle the same. School clothes, fees, rent, car notes, insurance, groceries, utilities, etc., are bills we all have. Now imagine you are a female (race not a factor) alone with dependent children. Children needs grow on a daily basis. The old folks have this saying "Stealing from Peter to pay Paul". This is a way of life for a single mother and sometimes Peter and Paul get left hanging. Simply put single motherhood is something not to be entered into without thought as well as financial preparedness. To be a single mom you must be a go getter and take no prisoners because your children depend on you and you alone. Keep your heads up and know God is with you every step of the way. Fantasia Barrino is a living testimony and through her blessings she put the world on notice that single mothers are forces to be reckoned with through her win of American Idol in 2004 and her song "Baby Mama" in 2005. She is the testimony that God is on your side and avenues are not closed to you because you are single mothers. Remember the closest thing to God in a child eyes is his/her mother. Continue to be the example and not the statistic. Stay strong! Also below you can read facts about Fantasia and her conquests. God Bless!


Music performed and perhaps written by Fantasia Barrino.

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Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino (born June 30, 1984), commonly known as Fantasia, is an American Soul/R&B singer, Broadway and televison actress who rose to fame as the winner of the third season of the television series American Idol in 2004. She has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards. After playing the part of Celie in the Broadway musical "The Color Purple," she is cast to be in the film adaptation of the musical.

In 2004, she released her debut single, I Believe, which debuted at the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100, making Barrino the first recording artist in the history to debut at the number one spot with a debut single. Not bad for a single mother. Subsequently, she released her debut album, Free Yourself, which went on to be certified platinum by the RIAA and gamered Barrino four Grammy nominations in 2008, she released her sophomore album, Fantasia, which featured the number one R&B hit When I see U. The album was certified Gold by the RIAA and received three Grammy nominations in 2008. She then played the part of Celie in the Broadway musical the Color Purple. Her third studio album is set to be released in early 2010. Bet you her baby daddy wish he kept his hands in his pocket. Fantasia has made an impression with her gospel influenced sound, and her explosive stage presence. Most of all she gave a face to all the single struggling mothers most of which are bursting with talent such as herself and the world will never be same. GO GIRL! To see more of Fantasia story visit


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    • SweetMocha-Monroe profile image

      SweetMocha-Monroe 8 years ago

      Thanks. Your article was inspiring, I really appreciate the feedback.

    • intriguewriter profile image

      intriguewriter 8 years ago from worldwide

      good work keep it up being a single mother really is not easy but it does make a woman stronger raising her kids on her own. for inspiration for single mothers go to the following article