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Develop Positive Thinking Using Natural Insight

Updated on May 1, 2016

Positive Thinking Activities for Mind

Positive thinking is a processing of thoughts. How we think leads to what we conclude and how we reach that conclusion. If we have some spare time which can be used to improve our self we can improve our thinking over time.

Our thoughts play an important role in our life, thoughts are very powerful they can change life instantaneously. Our thoughts reflect our vision, the conclusion that we draw from things that happen before us.

A simply demonstration of our thinking and its result is visual addition of two numbers 1 to 1, which we all know equals 2 but it also equals 11 if one is added to another i.e. placed next to other (added).

Nobody Can Teach Us to Think Positively

Thinking Can Only Change If We Really Want to Change It

Today there is a huge market of products on positive thinking, that claim to teach positive thinking within a small period of time, which I think is only possible in cases where the person is already prepared and is receptive to external suggestions.

There are a number of factors that influence our thinking and if we are not in a perfect mental frame to accept good things we will never receive it the way it is intended to influence our mind.

Improving thoughts within days or weeks is not possible as we cannot wash our memories and views in days or weeks which took a number of years to develop and get firmer. Nobody can teach us whether we should love only our father or mother, as the weight of our experience and respect cannot change because somebody is telling us.

I do think that it is good and important to go through these products as they will definitely give some direction to our thinking and make a ground for such improvements later. Those who are already positive too need such material time and again after some period of time to correct themselves if they are deviating from the right path.

Books on Power of Positive Thinking - Learn about how thinking can impact our world

Our thoughts or thinking are very powerful tool, all of our activities actually reflect our vision, our thinking, nature of our thoughts. These books from Amazon highlight some of these benefits of positive thinking, most of us today are get only motivated when we clearly see the benefits, how spending a little time and some efforts can help us to make big changes in our life.

Actually this is the age of leveraging, we love push button technologies and our lives today is over influenced by market and marketing forces to such an extent that now we cannot do anything unless we are motivated after clearly seeing the advantages.

Some of these books on power of positive thinking will help us to reach some conclusion.

Positive Thinking & Affirmation Lenses On Squidoo - Views of other lens masters on similar subjects

There are many ways to look at positive thinking, some of us know it as personality development, other use the word positive affirmations. All in all they are all related following anyone of them will help in developing all of them, so there is nothing to worry (as most of us look at the benefits and how can we get most of them).

Here are some lens on Squidoo which are relevant to this subject matter and therefore may help you (like me) to understand it more clearly.

Intro-inspection & Meditation Helps to Improve Thinking

Frequent into-inspection and meditation make things easier to manage

Positive thinking can be developed over time if we spend a little time in intro-inspection & meditation frequently. When we examine ourselves we often realize our mistakes, our performance, this gives us a chance to accept our undesirable qualities and improve our self.

It is very difficult for us to accept things when somebody points it to us but when we are calm and feel it on our own then we readily agree to it. Regular into-inspection and meditation can bring lot of changes in our personality, level of confidence, moments of happiness that we enjoy.

Into-inspection is not meditation it is a stage that precedes meditation, a real stage of meditation is a thoughtless stage and therefore is not reached by everyone, as it requires a stable mentality and those who reach that stage will definitely have energy to control there thoughts (adopt positive thinking).

Moral Values Develop Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking Improves with Study of Moral Values

There are no shortcuts to develop positive thinking, one must inculcate some values to improve his/her vision (or develop a vision). Studying moral values can definitely help in inculcating some positive values, there is no need to follow anything blindly, just because its a part of moral education (as this will not help) one should use his/her own belief system, personal knowledge and logic to adopt things which he/she things are right.

Learning from resources that we already have will develop such values within us, without even any direct effort from our side and will start effecting our life, our decisions, conclusions in family, at workplace and everywhere, this is the basic philosophy of positive thinking.

I don't think that we do realize the importance of positive thoughts, our eduction system today is not very serious about personality development and really educating but its about overloading qualification. What do you think???

Do you believe in positive thinking? - What do you think can help in improving this page

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