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How to Be Happy & Why to Enjoy Happiness

Updated on October 9, 2014

Infinite Reasons to Be Happy

There are so many ways to be happy and enjoy a real happiness only if we seriously consider its importance, we often try to chase things one after another as they appear to provide a long lasting happiness and quality of life.

Happiness is something that comes from fulfilled desires, desires are on the other hand controlled by our mind, our mind picks these from our lifestyle, our environment, our thoughts. We can enjoy happiness (also called bliss) by adopting right thinking, a positive attitude, a natural lifestyle.

Why we shouldn't be happy, what are the reasons that are stopping us from enjoying happiness, after all happiness is a personal choice. If we want to be happy, we can find a number of reasons in support on the other hand if you don't want it then we don't have to think of any reason, they'll automatically come to us.

There is no reason to avoid happiness in this world. There are some sound facts which tell that happiness is not dependent on anything, its a state of mind, a state of body, a state of your mentality. To be happy means willing to short out a problem, ready to find a solution and learn why to be happy in this beautiful world.

Why Can't I Just Be Happy - Books to find happiness in everyday Life

A practical approach to enjoy happiness is to change our attitude, our vision which is often negative, we get so much involved in the process and processing of life that we even forget to live it.

This lens may or may not have been able to convey what it intended to convey but these books available from Amazon are able to give some practical tips to enjoy life, find happiness in present circumstances and answer each query saying "Why Can't I Just Be Happy"

Happiness Is A Cheap Commodity

Can we order happiness online?

We must learn to enjoy happiness. It is one of the cheapest resource available to us. It is not only the cheapest entity, its totally free. Anyone can enjoy as much as he wishes. There is no limit on how much one can have.

Now, because its free doesn't mean its useless, we cannot ignore its role and importance in our life. It plays a role in every aspect of our life whether its our wellbeing, health and wellness, our career, family, relationship, society, office, children, education. It effects each one of them and at no cost.

Isn't this enough to answer the question 'Why to be happy?' do we still need more explanation to enjoy a resource which is totally free for all.

Happiness as Online Auction Product - A time to place a bid for happiness in your life.

Don't get serious, you don't have to buy anything from here, relax and cool down, you are on a page on happiness.

Do you think we can buy happiness in auctions. If yes, then our future is bright at least for those who participate in online auctions.

Don't Worry Be Happy

Why be worried when we can be happy

I've read this phrase 'Don't Worry Be Happy' several times since my childhood, I read it just like other phrases that came across, at that time I didn't understand its meaning or importance in my life.

Now, with time and experience I've learned that this is a simple fact which I have known for years but it took me so long to understand it correctly.

We often tend to neglect important things which are easily available or reach us without any conscious efforts on our part (there are so many real examples available from modern life and lifestyle like drinking enough water, taking some time off from busy life, finding a purpose for our life etc.). Happiness is also one such resource, which is naturally available to us. In order to be happy we don't need a new car, more money, a new house, a better job. All these are our own imagined objects which we think are important for being happy.

Happiness isn't restricted to only winners in life. It is for everyone, every where. It is laying in front of us, we only have to discover it. Discover this happiness and after that Don't Worry Be Happy forever.


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