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Valentine's Day

  1. Stacie L profile image88
    Stacie Lposted 9 years ago

    Is anyone looking forward to Valentines Day?
    It seems to be a sore spot for a lot of folks.

    I am getting the impression that there are going to be a lot less attention paid ,such as gifts and dining out this year due to the present economic state.Yes,romance has a price.
    Personally I'm not.looking forward to it:(

  2. LondonGirl profile image84
    LondonGirlposted 9 years ago

    Not a sore point here, more that it's not a celebration I'm interested in.

  3. Anamika S profile image54
    Anamika Sposted 9 years ago

    Everyday with my love is a Valentine Day for me.  I buy and get gifts almost every other day, so Valentine day does not hold any special significance for me other than being just another day to cherish.

    1. Stacie L profile image88
      Stacie Lposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      how lovely for you!
      sounds like you have a very special person in your life.big_smile

  4. britneydavidson profile image59
    britneydavidsonposted 9 years ago

    well thats true this time economy melt down might effect it but this would help for lovers to come more together and close and more romantic.so rather than going out make a candle lite dinner at home and enjoy just only you and yours loved one...no one else...

  5. profile image44
    joseph001posted 9 years ago

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  6. profile image0
    Adam Bposted 9 years ago

    When I started dating my wife (obviously before she was my wife), I made it a practice to make a big deal out of valentines day.  I like it becasue it isn;t a holiday you have to share with the rest of the world, meaning, it's a day for you and your loved one.

    The first valentines day, I hired a stretch Navigator Limo to pick her up from work, I had gone all over town to diffeent stores and purchased things for her, had them wrapped and left at the store for her.  Each preent from each store had a not attached to it with a clue to the next place.  She went to I think it was four or five stores and got little presents until finally the Limo took her downtown chicago to the Drake hotel where I was waiting for her.  I had bought her clothes, toiletries and everything she would need to spend the night with me.

    The second valenties day I surprised her with dinner, roses and an extra surprize, a King Charles Spaniel puppy named Cupid.

    The Third Valenties day, I planned a spa get-away for us in Lake Geneva where we had a room for two days, couples massages and a facial for her.

    The fourth Valenties day, Saturday, Feb 14th, 2004, we got married.  Now we plan our Valenties day treats and get-aways together.  This year we planned on going downtown to Texas De Brazil for dinner and staying at the Amalfi Hotel in the Luxury Suite and the next day having a couple's massage.  Our 5 month old has a problem with anyone watching her while we are gone so we decided to got to dinner and skip the hotel.  We are going to take turns getting massages and I get to experience a floatation tank for the first time.

    I think it is important to spoil you loved one on Valenines day, it keeps a little romance in the relationship.

  7. profile image44
    MrsMRBSposted 9 years ago

    how romantic, hopefully one day my love will be as romantic.  Did not expect much this year considering our finances, but I did get something.  We had sort of an arguement before I left for work, and when I got in the vehicle he had left me candies and a card.  The thought alone calmed me.

  8. VENUGOPAL SIVAGNA profile image57
    VENUGOPAL SIVAGNAposted 9 years ago

    Love is a personal thing between two (man & woman). It need not be publicised like this.  It is diverting youngsters' minds.  It should be banned. (Only celebration of valentine's day and not love). There are several creative things in life and love is limited to a particular period in one's life.  This love deserves no celebration. It only encourages bad things.  Let lovers celebrate within their doors.... not before others in public view.

  9. Bredavies profile image77
    Bredaviesposted 8 years ago

    Ok I have to be honest. I used to hate valentine's day because I was bitter. I would have a boyfriend for every other day of the year..EXCEPT Xmas and V-day!

    This year I my boyfriend (We started going out on Valentine's day!) Was soo romantic and sweet. But I guess I still feel like the day is to materialized and that its all about halmark. And can't you show someone random love on anyday?

    I always show the one I love some love. smile