If you have turmoil in your family, you are definitely not alone

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    Joe Fiducciaposted 3 years ago

    Unfortunately my family hasn't always been on the best of terms.  Over time, my two brothers and I always had our disagreements.  We lead / led very different lives, and pursued very different paths.  But  growing up we'd still come together at the end of the day and enjoy a family dinner together.

    Yet each of us now has our own life.  We are all married with children, and live in different parts of the country.  And coincidentally (or not), our relationship with each other has grown even more distant. Without getting into details, the love we once had for each other just isn't there anymore.  I've tried on so many occasions to keep us together...especially for the sake of our children so they can get to know their cousins.  But after spending most of my life trying to "make it work", these attempts continue to get us no where.

    So it was then decided back in early 2014 that enough was enough.  For the sake of my immediate family (wife and son) and our own health, something had to be done.  And it was at that time that I broke ties with my brothers, and complete severed whatever relationship we clinged on to.  We haven't spoken since, and no one knows for sure if we ever will again.

    Why I am sharing this?  Is it something I am proud of?  Definitely not.  Is it something I encourage?  No way.  But I think it's important to acknowledge the fact that families DO experience rough times.  The person sitting next to you on the bus might appear 'normal'.  Your work colleagues might say to you: "I'm good" every day.  But the reality is that many of us aren't.  We are dealing with difficulties in our family that we would rarely ever speak about. 

    So my hope in sharing this small bit of my history with you is simple - I want you to know that you are not alone.  Despite what others may tell you, family problems are all around us, and perhaps you can take some comfort in knowing that others are in a similar situation.  How we handle these situations is up to us, and isn't something I'm qualified to offer advice on.  But whatever you decide to do, remember to stay strong, stay honest, follow your heart, and follow your dreams...and never look back. 

    Hope this helps someone some day.  And perhaps by starting this thread, more of you might decide to join and comment below with your own stories and suggestions.  Either way, thank you for reading.  smile  -Joe