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Where is the love in the family houseold?

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    TandTposted 8 years ago

    Where is the love in the family houseold?

    Is there so much distraction and, disfuntion in our society that we can't see when our loved ones need us?Do we not care because,we've got our own problems and issues to deal with we can't afford to help anyone else.Is it that much selfishness in the world taht, people have in thier minds,"nobody helped me so, why should I help someone?!"Are we so  jugdemental and self righteous that we look down on our family members   ?

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    tinkerbell09posted 8 years ago

    I know what your talking about.  The love should be everywhere.  I've been in a situation like that.  I have helped out friends and family when they've needed help, but I stopped doing that because they weren't helping me in return and I started to see the neglect on my family and no one else seemed to care.  My kids would always eat before anyone, but my home was a mess from people that I agreed to let stay with us and it put my kids in an unhealthy environment.  So, I stopped helping other people and started taking better care of my family.  I also started staying out of other peoples dramatic situations and my home life got a lot better.

    Eventually, the people that keep coming for a hand out will stop coming around and start to do for themselves, which they should in turn thank you for helping them straighten themselves out.  Your family will thank you too.  There is a lot going on in our society that some people want to be selfish enough to want to be helped but not help others.  But to help, (cause you seem pretty stressed out) keep other people's drama as other people's drama.  This should keep the love in the household and put some love in others homes too.

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    Bornagainposted 8 years ago

    Unfortunately, in many homes today this is true.  I believe that in years past, parents, especailly those who lived during the depression, felt so strongly about not wanting their own children to suffer as they did, that they went to the extreme by giving them everything.  It has led to generations of children who think life is all about them.  If you give of yourself to receive from others, you are giving for the wrong reason in the first place.  God instituted the family, but today we live in a throw away society.  Like paper plates, we throw away relationships, friends, family and everything else.  We allow our children to induldge in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships that by the time they marry they have broken up so many times that when they marry the first time they have a disagreement they are ready to throw that away as well.  Marriage is a commitment.  If you and your spouse have a good loving home it will have an impact on your children.  To have strong relationships in the home and outside the home, it isn't about giving and taking, it is only about giving.  Your motive will speak for itself, and the other person will almost always respond in kind.

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    skgraoposted 8 years ago

    Please go to a Old Age Home which they call Senior Citizen Centers also as Second Innings,you will see the helpless people whose kids are enjoying their life with their kids and wife or even without kids forgetting their parents.

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    TandTposted 8 years ago

    Thank you,BornAgain for your comment.It was true and on point.I have faith that all that is true,right and,just in family will not perish but,oneday return fully to the family structure.I belive that family members will communicatewith each other.(Isay communicate because,talk is cheap.communication is priceless)Families will build one another up and push them positivley in the right direction.Chastise children with a rod of correction. Years before my mother passed away I was blessed with the honor to tell her Thank you for all the times she got on my backside and,taking me to the lord in prayer.I may not be the best person in the world but,she helped make me better one.(Thank you, Mua Dea)Thanks again for your comment.Great name too!.....take care