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Secret Camera for Baby Sitters.

  1. Lady_E profile image74
    Lady_Eposted 8 years ago

    Secret Camera for Baby Sitters.

    Is it right to leave a secret camera filming a Baby Sitter, to monitor if a child is being looked after properly.?

  2. fierycj profile image76
    fierycjposted 8 years ago

    Absolutely! With all the perverts and weirdos on the prawl these days, you never can tell who's a paedophile. So yes! Sure, It might cost some bucks, but do you really wanna place a price tag on your kids safety? I dont think so!

  3. psychicdog.net profile image79
    psychicdog.netposted 8 years ago

    interesting and difficult question...s'pose how you found the babysitter would be relevant

  4. rsmallory profile image80
    rsmalloryposted 8 years ago

    I think so. It's our responsibility to be sure our children are safe.

  5. lkeipp profile image56
    lkeippposted 8 years ago

    I say if you're that concerned about the person you've left in charge of your child, then go with that gut instinct and find another care giver.

    BTW? There is no greater amount of wierdos and pervs out there than there was 100 years ago. Don't believe me? Research it in newspapers from your area from 100 years ago - I have, as a sideline to other research I was doing - people werejust as sick minded and acting back then as now.  The big difference? Instant media - we know, via television and internet, as soon as someone does something horrible to a child, even half a world away.

    But if the camera helps ease your mind, then use it.

  6. Lady_E profile image74
    Lady_Eposted 8 years ago

    Appreciate all your comments. Thanks.
    It's not every day monitoring - Just maybe once a week.
    Cheers. smile

  7. csd1509 profile image69
    csd1509posted 8 years ago

    i suggest before considering a camera...
    when i get a babysitter i do not leave her alone the first time i clean or work or do stuff in the house and meanwhile i let her "babysit" my kid so i'm not standing there and watching just going around the house doing laundry and occasionaly keeping an eye mother's can feel if the babysitter is right or not call it motterly gut! besides you can get to know the babysitter a bit you can see on the way she talks, behaves..
    but of course a mommy will always worry only if the kids are with relatives ( but trust me even then..wink)

  8. esllr profile image61
    esllrposted 8 years ago

    I believe that if you have to use a camera you have not
    comfortable with your choice.
    Before having someone watch your child. Have and call their references, check out their home,and do a record check on them. Do not be a statistic. A great place to start is www.FreePeopleEzSearch.com. You can do free and low cost background searches. This will make you more comfortable about this very important decision.

  9. enagyzer profile image58
    enagyzerposted 8 years ago

    If u watch the news, u'll find that our kids are really vulnerable. It seems like no matter what we do as parents, there is always a loop hole for your child to get exposed.
    Anyhow, there are loads of very good babysitters and I believe the best recommendations come from the kids themselves and not anyone else. So after the sitter leaves, just really talk and pay attention to what they say.

    Now, I don't see anything wrong with keeping tabs with whatever is going on with your kids during your absence. If I had spy gadgets i would use them for the first couple of days and I'm sure I would be able to tell if the sitter is a good fit based on her interactions with the kids while I'm away. I think its not that difficult to tell the difference between a bad siiter and a good one.