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i was falsely accused of child abuse what do i do?

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    yari3posted 8 years ago

    i was falsely accused of child abuse what do i do?

    an angry neighbor called dcyf on me saying i was beatin on my kids which is a lie she made false accusation against me and i want to know what i could do.

  2. elisabethkcmo profile image76
    elisabethkcmoposted 8 years ago

    you need to find a good lawyer,  as soon as possible.
    like yesterday

  3. Galadriel Arwen profile image75
    Galadriel Arwenposted 8 years ago

    If you are truly innocent you do not have anything to fear. Help DCYF out to learn the truth. No one in DCYF is out to get you, if you get carried away hiring lawyers, etc. You will look guilty! Innocent people have nothing to fear from any investigation. The truth will out!. If your children are bruised you should be interested in how this happened, what happened, when this happened and who did it. Perhaps DCYF can help you solve the mystery and you both can avenge your brood. PS if the neighbor lied, they can get into trouble with the law. Falsely accusing people is illegal.

  4. rogerthornton profile image72
    rogerthorntonposted 8 years ago

    Having dealt with DCYF in the past I can assure you that if the allegations are false you are ok. Organizations across the U.S. have been getting false complaints for years, and they are used to handling them. Many times even if the parent did commit abuse they will work with them giving them a plan of action that will help curve something like that from happening again. The plans usually entail doing some sort of classes or counseling and help parents learn to handle some of the more unpredictable situation that can arise with children.  As one person pointed out that you can obtain a lawyer, although they usually are unable to intervene until the child has been removed, this can often be avoided by co-operating with DCYF.  Many times too overzealous neighbors will tell a story of what they seen out of anger and later calm the facts down and let the workers know what really happened. If you did nothing wrong than you will more than likely get through this very easily, otherwise they will give a chance to fix whatever problems that  may have been going on that day. Either way you stand to come out in a win win situation, many times if you were having any other problems local programs like DCYF will also be able to open the doors and help you in other ways.

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    smith114aposted 8 years ago

    run. i don't belive my answer is too short so i am making it longer