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I'm a retired social worker and educator who is looking back on years of achievement filled with the talent of success and looking ahead with the joy of expectation. Having the ability to engage a child, I have been lucky to raise a wonderful child to adulthood who is passionate and talented. My strong connections with the Omnipotent Almighty teaches me that there is always hope. We are endowed with the ability to muddle through all things without fear of what may befall us tomorrow because, our Creator will either shield us from suffering or give us the strength to bear it. Ultimately just having the knowledge to realize our simple senses are adequate to inspire our souls with positive energy. Watching a fire burn in the fireplace, smell the aroma of fresh baked bread, the first touch of an infants hand, the joy of creativity, boldly venturing past known areas in travel to see what there is to see, marveling at nature, playing with your pet, watching a waterfall, seeing lightening, rain, or a beautiful sunset, plus keeping in touch with loved ones and friends is a blessing. Life is good and worth sharing. I am sharing tidbits of the things I have found most useful, educational and interesting throughout my life with enthusiastic good nature and lack of pretension. I will not hide from the scorn of mediocrity or meanness of others but show the enterprising courage and good natured of an enlightened who attempts to resolve issues of the down trodden and keep our world safe. Plus give you some great recipes that we use in our home!

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