nephew is turning 12 yrs next month

  1. Eve Ngure profile image54
    Eve Ngureposted 8 years ago

    nephew is turning 12 yrs next month

    My nephew is turning 12 next month and am trying to figure out what I should by for him? Its not as easy as it was before I have runned out of ideas!

  2. spiritedstar25 profile image55
    spiritedstar25posted 8 years ago

    I know World of War Craft is pretty popular now at days.  You can also never really go wrong with "Rock Band' or "Guitar Hero".  If worse comes to worse cash is never a bad gift.  Just stay clear of buying him clothes. lol  Hope that helps!

  3. Lisa HW profile image72
    Lisa HWposted 8 years ago

    Many twelve-year-old boys are still young enough to be interested in something like a nice Lego set (that's designed for older kids, as compared to "regular" Legos.  Some of the "old-kids" Lego sets have themes that boys are interested in.

    Other building sets aimed at older kids may be something he'd like.  Also, there are things like sets that help a child that age start a collection of something that would interest him. 

    Pogo sticks, unicycles, snow boards, skate boards, sports equipment, scooters, and hockey skates are things boys that age may like.

    If he has interest in something like sports, animals, space, weather, drawing, or anything else that he gravitates toward - there are books, DVD's, and other related items he may like.   Sports items don't have to include the usual equipment that kids often already have (helmets, balls, bats, etc.).  There are sports-related items that allow a kid to practice by himself, and there are books about the sport or famous players.

    If he plays a musical instrument he may enjoy books or accessories related to that.     

    A subscription to a magazine he may like could be good.