Can you go back to Job Corps after being Terminated?

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    Doughboi56posted 7 years ago

    Can you go back to Job Corps after being Terminated?

    When can you go back If you can go back?

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    NateSeanposted 7 years ago

    It depends on the conditions of your termination.

    If you were terminated for something like being an embarassment to the center, constantly failing on your room scores or not progressing to satisfaction in classes then you may be eligible to return to Job Corps one year from the date of your termination.

    But terminations for safety violations, legal reasons, or something serious could make you inelligable to reapply.

    In the case of returning to the center you may be forced to go to a different center within the region.

    There was a case of a student I'll call Bradly. He had gone to the Northlands Center in Vergennes and was terminated for failing to keep his room clean and violating the restrictions his RA's had set for him.

    One year after his termination he went to the Loring Center in Limestone.

    He wasn't a bad kid, but the guy did not understand why he kept getting low roomscores. (He was unorganized as all hell and he didn't do laundry enough.  Big nono if you're from the heavy production trades, which he was.)

    Finally he was put on dorm restriction, which is your last chance before termination and he failed to show up when he was supposed to. His sad sob story didn't impress the RA and even though I, being a dorm leader, attempted to speak in his defense it was too late.

    Just remember, Job Corps is not like baseball. You don't get a third strike if you're terminated twice.