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There really isn't much I could tell you about me that you couldn't learn from reading what I write here. But, okay, here are the basics.

I was born in Bennington, Vermont on December 6th 1982. You can read about the Bennington Free Library and other topics closer to my heart here on Hub.

My favorite poets are Robert Frost and William Blake.

I have three new blogs going. Most of them are concentrated projects with the intent of drawing more attention to my hubs. Yet they also expand on the expertise that has gained me some success over the last two years. Or, in the case of my current homelessness, my lack of success but my effort to do something constructive in between job interviews and trying not to give in to the frequent urge to play Smell the Rock: The Underwater Edition. Look at it however you wish.

To learn about my efforst to get a printed newsletter geared towards homeless and the otherwise financially screwed: The Morlock's Voice.

To read up on my experience in Job Corps, and to further enforce the opinion that you should only go to Job Corps if your IQ has dropped to below your combined shoe-size Read The Job Corps Student's Archives.

And to further captilize on my so called experience, wondering if anyone is even listening to it or if they dismiss it as online whining and chatter, check out: A Series of Traits. A blog of my musings and insights into Asperger's Syndrome with, gasp!, more links back to my hubs.

What, you think I'm doing this for free? I've been doing that for too long.

Among my hobbies are painting, ghost hunting, and writing. My goals are to become an established tarot reader, a published writer, and to just not waste my life in general.

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