should teenagers be allowed to be prescribed "the pill" before they are 16 witho

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  1. Catorinaa profile image60
    Catorinaaposted 10 years ago

    should teenagers be allowed to be prescribed "the pill" before they are 16 without adult consent??

  2. melissa lg profile image60
    melissa lgposted 10 years ago

    yes they should! most teens dont say hey mom or dad i am about to have sex(as much as we would like them to tell us that)  I have a 13 year old son, if he were a girl i would have her take the pill as soon as i thought it may be necesary

  3. Mom Kat profile image71
    Mom Katposted 10 years ago

    yes - unfortunatly we don't live in a world filled with old 50's style sit-com families.  If a child, sorry, teen-ager feels she is old enough to participate in sex, yet not comfortable talking with her parents (for whatever reason) - I say let her at least be that responsible.  At least she knows she isn't prepared to be a teen mom, which would probably end up being the case if she had to get parent consent for the pill (since she wouldn't ask & just go ahead with unprotected sex).

    It would be nice to think we as parents raise our wonderful children to know they can come to us with anything, and it would also be great if we could just say - no sex until you're 20, but we live in the real world.

  4. Liberate profile image59
    Liberateposted 10 years ago

    No, Sex in A Sense Of Teenage Dramas Are Over Rated, And Can Cause Risks, If You’re Claiming The Majorities Of Teenage Relationship End In A Successful Marriage, Especially Below 16; I Believe You’re Mistake.
    They’re Giving Themselves To A Undeserving Person, Thus Chances Ending In Heart Break. We Shouldn’t influence This Actions. We Need A Better; Let No Evil Cover Your Eyes. Remember Fighting For The Right, Taking It All The Way.
    This Is A Very Serious Topic, And Is Something We Should Prevent, We Shouldn’t Allow Teenagers To Continue With Sex, The Need To Understand The Consequences, The Status Of Your Relationship. I Believe You Should Save Yourself For Marriage.
    Though, I’m Just Over The Legal Age For Sex, And I’m Able To Continue Fighting The Temptation.

    Now You Know The Answer, Save Yourself From Danger

  5. rgarnett profile image83
    rgarnettposted 10 years ago

    I just wrote a hub about this very thing this morning. I firmly believe that a teenager having sex should have the common sense to get the pill.

    Frankly, if they aren't asking for it, and they are having sex, they aren't being responsible. I do not think that adults should have to consent to this. I don't condone sex at a young age, but teenagers are going to do whatever they want, regardless of the rules and restrictions you put on them.

    Honestly, if you tell them to do something, they will find a way around it. Most of the time, no amount of talking or rules are going to get through to teenagers. They are going to be having sex, its just the way this day in age is - so unfortunately, its better to be safe than sorry. The pill is the best option.

    Besides, the pill is also used for other reasons, such as regulating the period and some forms of horomone imbalances in young girls, as well as acne. Its not always birth control - but if a teen girl is having sex, definitely, she should be on the pill.

    You can't stop the sex, kids learn the hard way, I know I did - but you can stop the pregnancy.

  6. SteveoMc profile image74
    SteveoMcposted 10 years ago

    One of the worst things for parents is the realization that their children are experimenting with risky behavior.   Yet, the only thing worse than young teens having sex is being a grandparent due to an unwanted pregnancy.

    If a teen is mature enough to take responsibility for their actions, why should the adults stand in their way?

    Yes, of course, a teen should be able to take any action that will mitigate the consequences of their behavior.

  7. profile image0
    jasper420posted 10 years ago

    I think so if it saves an inocent life abortions can be prevented there is little harm in taking the pill if there old enough to have sex they are old enough to take the pill

  8. mimind profile image59
    mimindposted 10 years ago

    As it is considered a medication and in turn can have nasty side effects I would say no. But not due to the actual issue of what the pill is for as I believe many kids will have under age sex if they want to with or without the pill hopefully using anouther contraceptive. Unfortunitly most kids will not admit they are having sex asking their parents permission to use the pill opens many questions. When I was in high school it was amazing most of my high school class had their doctors prescibe them the pill the reasoning was to decrease their horrible cramps and their parents where told this I just found it odd most every girl needed the pill because of cramps.

  9. NYKitten82 profile image59
    NYKitten82posted 10 years ago

    I say yes. There are many cases where a girl gets pregnant and she waits and waits to talk to her parents that she is past the going back point.

    If the girl is old enough to lay with a boy then she is old enough to fix a mistake. Plus this choice can cause a lot of family problems

  10. vox vocis profile image83
    vox vocisposted 10 years ago

    Before they are 16? Teen girls develop until around 20...and taking the ''pill'' may be dangerous for their health (two death cases in the last year due to anti-baby pill). Teenagers before 16 should be educated about sexual life and the responsibility it brings along.


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