Being Part of a Family takes Patience

  1. Betty Jo Petty profile image59
    Betty Jo Pettyposted 10 years ago

    Have you noticed how you have to be careful in your family not to start an argument?  I have found it takes a lot of patience to deal with other people.
    There you are, living together in  your home, and having to cooperate with people to get through another day.

    Sometimes, instead of arguing, it might be better to cooperate as much as possible with whoever is irritable, and as soon as possible make a getaway to your own room.  Go for a walk, or clean out the garage, or whatever it takes to let that person calm down.

    That's one of my opinions. Although, sometimes it's hard to do.  I'm Betty Jo.

  2. Lissie profile image82
    Lissieposted 10 years ago

    And staying with families is definitly the downside of Christmas for me - counting the days to when we can go back to being a couple!

  3. sminut13 profile image71
    sminut13posted 10 years ago

    hahaha in a way it's true