A Mother 's Woes {poem}

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    romi mathurposted 8 years ago

    Life, at the moment may seem dreary and blue.
    Oh Sleepless nights are all so new.
    It’s all a matter of me time, what parents worldwide forget,
    Is that it ceases, to be, once the decision to bring a new life into this world is designed.
    It’s not accidental that we are endowed,
    With a human life to hold.
    There are higher motives designed,
    Its not for our please alone that a child is born,
    Its Nature s style that is to be honored,
    For in the form of a child a great inventor may be born.
    Unconditionally with love mothers worldwide must raise,
    Their children to the best of their abilities and emotional space.

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      goodfriendiamposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      nice poem, and true smile