How to deal with ages when you don't feel like it?

  1. Christopher J. profile image57
    Christopher J.posted 7 years ago

    How to deal with ages when you don't feel like it?

    Time passes, people move, people go. A boy/girl grows and time keeps passing by. When you look at your birthday you're almost an adult but you don't feel like it or look like it. Within less than a year I'll be 21 and I really can't believe I'm that old already when I still look like a teen and even people confuses me for someone younger. How can I possibly deal with this when I don't know how to tell my mind that I'm about to be an adult but I can't change my self in a drastic way for the next day after my birthday?

  2. womenintouch profile image60
    womenintouchposted 7 years ago

    Enjoy being 21 and don't rush thinking you have to grow up in a day. I looked like a kid until age 30 and had to show ID to get into events that were for mature adults such as fancy clubs. I loved growing up and you should too. You can't help it if you were given a extra dose of youth. Don't rush life it is too complicated enough thinking we have to catch up to life; belive me it will catch you soon enough.  Take each day at a time; and each year at a time.  oh and by the way your mind will catch up too. In other words you will be just fine  don't listen to others telling you that you have to grow up over night ; live life don't let life live you