Should children under 13 should be allowed to use internet freely?

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  1. cyberstudent99 profile image60
    cyberstudent99posted 12 years ago

    Should children under 13 should be allowed to use internet freely?

  2. Michael Jay profile image61
    Michael Jayposted 12 years ago

    In my opinion, children must always be under their parents guidance. Internet is very useful but it can also be very dangerous if we let our kids use it without guiding them on how to use it properly.

  3. MickS profile image61
    MickSposted 12 years ago


  4. pancoor profile image58
    pancoorposted 12 years ago

    Children belong to parents. Parents know their children and are the most appropiate people to decide whether their child can use internet freely. Every child is different and is brought up differently. Let parents decide how they want to bring up their children.

  5. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 12 years ago

    no. it's as simple as that. and if someone feels they should then when it backfires shut up and accept them blame.

  6. profile image57
    rieomposted 12 years ago

    Never.  That being said the computer is how children stay connected to each other.  In a home with children, the computer should be in the living room so that parents can monitor their children.

  7. ExpandYourMind profile image68
    ExpandYourMindposted 12 years ago

    No . . . more more than a 13 year old should have unlimited TV time or go to questionable movies.

  8. Jayheart profile image60
    Jayheartposted 12 years ago

    Definitely not!! Lack of parental supervision can put the child's safety in jeopardy from online predators and harmful or adult material. The parent must ALWAYS supervise internet browsing - insist on access to their passwords, and have the computer in a room that parent is always in. Also helpful is parental software to tract the child's movements.

  9. ZaneZenMaster profile image56
    ZaneZenMasterposted 12 years ago

    Yes, at around these ages, I used the Internet to study enlightenment, the FInacnial Markets such at the Foriegn exchange market.
    Half of the reason people call me Genius comes directly from the internet.

    Just raise your child properly, be conscious of what he learns from his peers at school, and you should be ok.

    I wasn't supervised, I was just mature from an early age, and even though I had knowledge of the explicit material on the internet which came from my social environment 'SCHOOL'
    I still used the internet for something better.

    And trust me, if you think your kid at the age of 13 doesn't know a thing about porn, and he goes to school, then your in for a surprise. (Most of the time).

    You should let your child look up to you as family and not the state or school, from which he spends most of his time with!!!

    Please do read my article here. … er-genius/

  10. profile image55
    Mikaediposted 12 years ago

    Absolutly not, especially in todays environment Parents need too have control of what their children are veiwing online for their own safrety.
    Keeping our kids safe online is non-negoatable even if they may object parents must stick too their guns too monitor what they view and time spent online.
    You can buy software that can assist you in the above.
    One of the dangers of the net is childrens use of social networking sites, the kids love them as a way too communicate with their peers, unfortunatly the person on the other end may have more sinister intentions.
    Hope this helps


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