Help me. Im in a deep hole and I can't get out. My mom and I have grown very muc

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    Bunnybonanzaposted 7 years ago

    Help me. Im in a deep hole and I can't get out. My mom and I have grown very much apart......

    she doesn't understand me at all, and I try to do exactly what she asks me but she just gets mad and yells at me. This has been going on for a while, I mean all we do is fight. I want it to stop because I hate feeling depressed but I just don't know what to do.

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    dianne143posted 7 years ago

    its hard to trace how and why you and your mother end up like that way it could be the ff:

    -how old is your mom? when she is older  she may have menopausal stage because of her mood swings and you have to understand it.

    -is she a working mom? she may be tired and we all know when people are so tired it can lead to 2 ways either they rest and sleep or they are so very sensitive and gets easily mad.

    - is she having problem that she only kept from herself? or maybe when she feels something wrong she easily get mad so she can let out her inner feelings.

    - do you follow your mom's rules? sometimes mother's gets angry when we do things which is different according to what they want.

    - you are are hard she gets mad

    a lot of factors can affect in what way your mom don't understand  you?

    ** the best thing that you will do is that as a son/ daughter you obey her. And when she gets mad and yells at you try not to answer her back because that will lead to fight all you have to do is to shut up and let her talk don't let your self go to the flow of angry emotions if you get what I mean. No matter what  your mom tells you, you have no right to answer her back you have to respect her, if you want to  explain your side then make it to the point that your voice in a low  and calm manner.

    just listen to what she said and let it out to your ears when you think the silence is in both of you talk to her in heart to heart explain your side and listen to her by that you will both know what you will do next time it happens. and if you think its your fault and not your fault but you fight and answer her back always say SORRY and hug her if you are used to it and I know your mom will be fine to it.

    every problems are easy to solve if you lead it into calm and good talk. it is better to talk the problem nicely than to yell, fight and gets mad.

    and please don't hate your mom to it, you know mothers knows best and we should love them the way they love us. being a mother is a very hard task its a lifetime task and they give us unconditional love. when you feel and tell your self that your mom doesn't love you no don't think all mothers loves their kids. if your mom is like that, she only mean that she wants what is the best for you. hope you and your mom will be ok. God bless